Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tally Sucks!

Tallahassee sucks for more than just state government.

I thought I read somewhere that Tallahassee had good thrifting. I must have read the opposite. Somehow I got it in my head that I needed to check it out. The husband has been working 4 day weeks, so I finally broke down and took a Friday off. I gave the husband multiple options of what we could do or where we could go. He wandered through some back roads and then started heading toward our state's capitol.

I looked up on my phone's map what thrift stores were all around the city. I decided that there were good reviews for a restaurant in Monticello. We ate at The Brick House. It was a cute little place downtown. You could tell most people were regulars. The husband had a grouper sandwich. I had the Monticello chicken sandwich, zingered (Buffalo sauced). They were so nice and quick and I gave them a good rating on google places. The prices weren't bad. Good sweet tea.

Across the street was a thrift store, Wag the Dog 2. The husband found a slicer/dicer contraption. This was just the beginning of him finding all the deals. 

Further down the road we checked out a Lighthouse Children's Thrift. The prices were high for mostly junk. The husband found a Nascar game in a sealed box. His deal #2. I found a small .25 reindeer pin. The coins in my pocket were burning a hole.

We went further down I-10 to Tallahassee. The first Goodwill we came across ended up being the one with the worst reviews online. The people were right. The store was actually a Goodwill Retail Store. It was all retail prices. I was disgusted. The place was huge. I walked through quickly. The Boutique next door had fancier clothes, shoes and purses, plus rooms & rooms of books. Of course the books were retail prices. I did not see anyone buy anything at either location. It was so sad and pathetic. I soon found out this was all of Tallahassee.

We found a place called Good Finds. It was listed as a thrift store, but was actually a consignment shop.  We wandered the two stories. I found a Mr T thermos, but it had to be left behind. I love the T, but what will I do with a thermos.

The husband found an 8 mm projector. We figured it was a good deal since it was about the price of the ones we have seen online, minus shipping costs. It didn't have a cover, but when plugged in it worked. The husband had found some family 8 mm films not that long ago, so we were on the look out for a projector. Somehow we come across what we want at some point. We got a good deal on it since the tag listed a case, but it couldn't be located.

I found a cool game I had used at an old job. The Ungame is a theraputic game that gets people talking. This is a 1975 version. It was in good shape and the price was low enough for me to grad it. I plan to bring it to work and have some fun.

Down the road was a Lighthouse Children's Thrift number 2. Again lots of high prices and junk. I did find a Trival Pursuit Genus II still sealed. Not sure how there were so many sealed games in this town. The stores sure had a lot of games. I guess it was due to having a couple colleges.

We were further into the town and a domestic violence thrift wasn't where it was listed on the map. we went to Salvation Army that was yet another disappointment. The prices were high, retail level. The husband found a boat gas tank for $9.99. His score #3. How does he do it?

We went further to our last thrift in Tally... a Goodwill. Retail store in front, small outlet store in the rear. we tried the outlet, called Good Cents, first. It was nearly picked clean. It was sad and depressing. The funniest part was when a lady tried to get the husband to buy a pair of shoes in his size that she found. He cracked me up by hiding from her, hiding the shoes and sneaking out the door. The retail store was just that, thrift items with retail prices. I left shaking my head and determined never to return to Tallahassee for thrifting or anything else ever in my life. Why would I go to the state capitol? Certainly not to help clean the place up. Ha!

We drove down the highway and ended up having dinner at a nice place in Live Oak. The husband had seen it, but hadn't checked it out yet. Big Daddy's and Steaks was a cute place - all wood, all types of animals on the walls and very friendly staff. I am always up for BBQ. They have very cheap breakfast prices. I doubt I would get to Live Oak to have breakfast unless I wake before dawn on a day off. 

We both decided that Live Oak would be a great place to live around. We want to move even further into the woods. The father in-law after hearing this said we need to win the lottery and then we can all move out there. No problem. Live Oak has a Lowe's and decent BBQ. I am in! :)

So, what have we learned? That Tallahassee sucks in many ways. I feel very bad for the people who live there that could benefit from thrift stores and the organizations that don't raise all that much money. 

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