Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Golf and More

St Augustine, FL

The husband kicked my butt at miniature golf. I guess I won't be on the pro tour anytime soon. It was a hot and rainy day, but we did our usual trash talking. Who knew every game and sport could involve trash talking. Someone said to me once that fishing can't have trash talking. Oh I beg to differ. That is what makes it fun.

Cool Pirate Ship !

You can see the ocean from up here.

The best part is during this trip we scored a second miniature golf club. I searched my stash and found that I had two miniature golf balls. The backyard miniature golf course is well on its way. Now the next time I see outdoor green carpet/AstroTurf on sale I am jumping on it. The gigantic decorative animals will have to wait until I come across something for a reasonable price.

Of course I used my trip to St Augustine to go to a few thrift stores. I returned to the Betty Griffin Thrift Store again and we scored another piece to our car bedroom. The husband found it. I saw a MCM end table with two drawers that I had to resist. The lamp goes perfectly and even works.
(image borrowed from ebay)

Side note: the father in-law happened to have this mini version of the lamp that he gave us for the room. He had it in the garage and dusted it off for us. He rocks!!

Borrowed from Google images

At another thrift store the husband found an our for his john boat. He lucks into these things. They just put it out and he got it for $5.

The husband says he will no longer be without a paddle. Haha!

I had an itch to check out a Thrift Core suggestion... My Brother's Keeper or MBK in Jacksonville. This was definitely the mother load. It looked all simple and normal when we first walked in. We went back, room upon room. Then it said more this way. There lay a warehouse sized room filled with everything. The first thing we saw was a pile of 8 tracks. I think I saw rays of light coming down upon them. I was only able to find two decent ones. The husband found more 8 tracks in a case, just like the one I already have. Sweet!

This is only the beginning.

We wandered around the immense space looking through, well, everything. They had so much we were on overload. We wandered down every aisle. I ended up with only the 8 tracks and case for a mere $2.50.

We went on to The Thrift Center. It was mainly clothing, yet huge. I was unimpressed with the broken things I saw and some higher prices. I bought what the husband thinks is a trivet with birds on it. I think it looks like something that hangs on a wall. Not sure what to do with it yet.

The husband was hungry, so we tried Google Places on the fancy android phone to find food. We ended up wandering until we ended up at Seven Bridges in Jacksonville. The husband tried the beer sampler. It was overpriced food from a restaurant with their own brewery. It was ok. A bit too yuppy for my liking.

So there is my latest adventures. I am considering numbering these things.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

I am thinking of making some changes. I am still trying to find my voice on this blog. I thought it would be about places I go and things I did. Then I was too fixated on things going on in life even write about what had me stressed. I also read too many blogs, mainly about thrifting. Since I am far from a big time thrifter I figure I won't focus on that. I lost custody of the camera to my mother in-law and her obsession with the birds at her feeder. Lately I think about writing about the blogs I read. If I could blog from work I probably would have a ton of posts.

Now I need to get off my butt and do it. Whatever it is, wherever it leads. I have sat on my butt far too long. So this weekend in between collecting the in-laws' mail and wandering around the state I will get it together, or fake it like usual.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A couple weeks ago I got a new cell phone company and of course a new phone. I have always been behind the times when it comes to phones. Even when I worked for a cell phone company and could pick any phone I tended for the ones that were getting out of date or no where close to popular. Yet when someone had a question about how to do something on a prepaid phone they sure came to me.

My last phone was my first cell phone with a camera. I thought I was so big time 2 years ago. Never mind that most people had that feature for years. The husband has always been more technologically advanced. Yes, it took years to pry the Nextel Direct Connect from his hands. Yes, he got a Blackberry after many had been there, done that. Yet the husband has always had a way with figuring out phones. The Blackberry became his arch nemesis when he went through 7 in two years. He regularly increased his blood pressure by calling customer service. He was often transferred to another rep and one a few occasions hung up on. He was definitely ready for a new phone.

He went to the store and the guy knew the phone for him was the Casio Commando. The phone looks like the husband. Anything ringed in rubber for extra abuse is perfect for him.

I figured as long as the deal was good I would get me a fancy phone. I have been on a Samsung kick for years. They have been working for me. My last one had a slide out keyboard and an occasional problem with locking up. I chose the Samsung Fascinate.

Verizon Samsung Fascinate Smartphone Preview Picture Front Body with Touchscreen Feature

When I got it I had no idea how to even turn it on. After the husband gave me the high tech tutorial I was on my way to the 21st century. I was downloading apps and figuring out how to use the touch screen. My mother in-law says I am "appy." 

I saw a lady at a store with the barcode scanner. Obviously that was one of my first downloads. I go around the house scanning things to check the online prices. The other night I downloaded an app that scans my books. I was worn out scanning every one of them with a barcode. I realized just how many old books I have that I couldn't look up. I am not sure how my eclectic collection of books would stand up to some people's, but they should make an app for that. 

The husband downloaded Angry Birds (or as he calls it, killing pigs) and I have been picking on him about it ever since. He has been playing it nonstop for days. I think it is a real addiction. I am thinking of looking into a AA type support group to get him off of it. 

I got really silly and downloaded a ghost detector. So far I only found one ghost at the in-laws house. I find it strange that none are at my house. Maybe the overly barking dogs who live with me scare ghosts off. 

The husband jokes that I download more apps than he does. Maybe I am appy. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years

I haven't said much about this date in any other social media. There is such an influx online, on TV, in  the newspapers. The husband ought a flag that has the names of every victim in the stripes. I remember where I was when I heard of the tragedy, I worked nights, so I woke up, turned on the TV and saw what looked like a movie playing out in front of me. I woke up the ex to tell him about the insanity on TV. I went to work that night and it was the only time they brought out televisions. Another thing that I remember was that the month before I read about someone named Bin Laden. I had never heard of him. A British reporter interviewed him. He stated that he had something planned. At that point in time it sounded like Snidely Whiplash from Rocky & Bullwinkle twisting his mustache as he spoke the threat. After 9/11 I tried to find that article, but never could.