Sunday, March 31, 2013

13 in 13 March Update

1. Sell 150 items: 
19 items sold in 2013

2. Weekly Blog Posts: 
Every week and this make 9 posts!

3. Read a Book Per Month: 

4. Track my Food to Lose Weight: 
I have been tracking my food for some of the month.
I weighed in and am back to my highest weight.

5. Monthly Adventures: 
Celtic Music and Heritage Festival in St Augustine


6. Get serious about starting a family: 
Still trying.

7. Save Money: 
Savings went down due to the husband's birthday. Now $100

8. Watch More Movies:
Rock of Ages
Grey Gardens
Django Unchained
Expendables 2
Iron Man

9. Improve at Work: 
Case load is still lower. All people seen.
Saw 50+ more people last month than my co-workers.
Still on top of filing.

10. Take a Real Vacation: 
This is still in the planning phase. The oldest niece says she wants to visit in the summer.

11. Try Something New: 
Tried a new sub at Subway. Nothing spectacular.

12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 
Took the overloaded recycling out back. It felt good to clean up.
The husband re-painted my new purchase, but old matchbox holder.

13. More home improvement: 
None. Now that is sad. Hmmm, April...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Right Now...


I filled it out yesterday afternoon:

Right now I’m loving... 

The in-between weather. With Florida winters I only wear a light sweater. I like it when it is just right and things are in bloom.

Right now I’m reading...

Serpico and South Moon Under by Majorie Kinnan Rawlings (while driving)

Right now I’m waiting for...

Knowing when the next vacation will be, where we are going and having the money to do it.

Right now I’m excited about...

Having a clean house (for the moment).

Right now I’m missing...

My cat Henry who dies this year.

Right now I’m trying... 

To get things accomplished. That is a weekly thing for me.

Right now I’m enjoying... 

Being off work and hanging at home.

Right now I’m snacking on...

I just had some ice cream.

Right now I’m using... 

Pintrist… way too much today.

Right now I’m wearing...

The home uniform of Tshirt (skulls) and lounge pants (Stewie from Family Guy)

Right now I’m planning...

What to do with a hallway wall.

Right now I’m needing...

More time to do nothing. I haven’t taken much time off of work.

Right now I’m learning... 

I am always reading, watching, listening and learning something. I am part sponge.

Right now I’m listening to...

Nascar on TV. It is a Sunday staple.

Right now I’m wishing...

I won the Powerball.

Right now I’m praying for...

A dying patient and sick people I know.

Right now I’m dreaming of...

What it would be like if we could achieve all our plans and dreams.

What are you doing right now?

Spending too much time online. Doing chores off and on. Realizing it is evening and the work week will be here soon. 

Happy Birthday Honey

The husband was a good sport since he had no serious birthday plans. It ended being a groupon/gift card birthday celebration.

I had earned a gift card to Game Stop from answering surveys. The husband had forgotten all about it. We swung by one outside our usual area and he found two Wii games. He had to get the Jimmie Johnson game.

He didn't know what he wanted to do. We decided to use a Groupon I had for Mellow Mushroom. On the way there we went by my house to check on it. Dead bugs from when we prayed are all that reside there. But no squatters. For some reason I worry about someone staying there. I have no idea where I get these ideas. I reminded my sister and oldest niece that the place was available to them if they ever want to move to Florida.

Since we were in the area I conned the husband into one stop for me - The Habitat Restore. I found a few 8 tracks, another brown 8 track case and a pile of books. It cost less than $3. I was excited. I don't know how much the guy charged for the 8 track holder.

We went by Lowe's but only window shopped. I know what type of flowers I want for planting now.

We went to Mellow Mushroom. We both ordered calzones. The husband also ordered some pretzels as an appetizer (card overload). He had the Guinness Black. It was his birthday so I splurged. We are picky pizza eaters. There is only one pizza place (Renna's) in a 50 mile radius that we adore. There are a couple places we can tolerate. This is our second visit to Mellow Mushroom in two years. We decided not to bother with them again. Their dough is too sweet and they don't have the right kind of white pizza (his favorite).

Then we wandered about and ended up in Jacksonville. We hit a a couple thrifts. Then we decided to use another Groupon for Dairy Queen. It tool a couple stops before we found one that took the coupon.

Mainly we wandered about. The husband loves to drive. It was not a pay week, so it was better to use coupons to save money. I still ended up spending more on lunch than I planned since the husband is all about the extras. But it was his birthday.

Bridge to bridge view

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thrift Finds

We only went to two thrifts last week.

The Penney Farms Resale store is always a fun place. It is small, but they have great prices and the retirees are so cute.

I found yet another cute ornament and what a price, 10 cents. It reminds me of my boot wearing husband.

I also found two more slide holder. A little different from my other one but I couldn't pass up the deal. 

At a St Augustine thrift I found some books. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Celtic Festival St Augustine

I actually won tickets to this festival from the Simply St Augustine blog after I decided to go a month ago.

The husband hasn't been able to make it to any of the local Celtic festivals in the past years. So when I heard about the Celtic Music and Heritage Festival I marked on my calendar. Ok, it was the calendar on my phone.

We wanted to make it to the parade that was held before the festival, but an extended trip to the post office to mail off some sales killed that idea. I knew parking would be a problem and traffic would be outrageous. We ended up making it into the parking garage right before they closed it due to being full.  We did drive behind the parade. Maybe next time.

From atop the parking lot

The festival was packed. They had vendors, sporting events and a huge stage. We wandered around, watched the games and listened to the great music. The husband was able to find his family crest and bought a key chain.

I ran into an old friend who was in the parade. I swear I am more and more of a shut in when I see people I used to hang out with but haven't seen in years and don't know what to say.

After the festival we wandered down St George Street. The husband stepped into a store that has a lot of family crest type things. The guy offered to pull up ours. The husband already knows plenty about his surname. We already have a map of Scotland that shows it. I took a chance and asked the guy to pull up mine. I never have any luck finding my surname. It is not that popular.

Amazingly the guy brought it right up. It is German and ironically the colors were the same as my kitchen - blue and green. In the rundown about the name it said my people are from saints and popes. I definitely didn't imagine that. We didn't buy anything but left with some interesting information.

We went online but haven't been able to find that coat of arms yet. I am still trying. I texted my sister and eldest niece about it. They were surprised too. I guess I may need to do more research.

We have maps of Scotland and Ireland in our dining room. They have the husband's paternal grandmother and grandmother's names on them. The one of Ireland has my paternal grandmother's name. I don't have any more room on the wall and I am not sure if they make one for Italy, but wouldn't that be neat for my maturnal grandparents that both were from Italy.

We wandered around thinking about food. The husband chose Cruisers Grill. You could smell burgers from the street. The lady in line in front of us raved about the burgers and the fries. That had us. Although there was a line to get in it didn't take more than 10 minutes to sit down. 

The waitress was so nice. The husband chose the biggest thing on the menu - a double country fried steak. I went with the Burger of the Month - Guacamole Burger. The waitess explained that everything was fresh so it may not come out at the same time. 

We got my fries first. They were good. The ranch they came with made them even better. The husband loved his country fried steak. My burger was good. The chipotle mayo was a good mild spice and with the cool guacamole a nice combination. It was a little pricey for lunch but i would go back. We usually have pizza in St Augustine. I think it's time to expand our horizons. 

Since we were in St Augustine I had to stop by the only outlet store that I frequent... Converse. I only wear Chuck Taylor hi tops. I haven't been having much luck when I stop by there in the past year. The last pair I got was the pair of brown boots the husband bought me last Valentine's Day. I definitely needed some new shoes. 

The only pair of hi tops my size on the wall of discounted shoes was a pair of black and white. I was unsure. The price on the box was $29.97 or whatever. The only other ones discounted my size with the regular prices shoes were orange and a denim blue. Not work shoes. So I took the chance on the black and white pair and decided I needed new shoes and they were the best deal. When I went to ring up they came up as 19.97! I was so excited. They are now my 4th favorite pair and I haven't worn them. The skull & cross bones (the most I spent on any pair of shoes) is #1. Then #2 is the all blue pair I tend to wear every Friday to work and everyone comments on. Number 3 goes to the brown boots the husband bought me. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trucks and Rain

The other weekend we went to Monster Jam. The husband and I have gone every year since we met except for last year. I wouldn't have thought I would love Monster trucks before I met the bog lug, but it is so much fun.

It started raining, okay pouring during the freestyle part. We tried to sit through it. You know it's bad when the announcer says to get underneath something. We waited and waited. The husband made the call to head to the car. It is his thing so it is his call. I was good and suffered through being wet to the bone.

The wet masses


It was still fun and he took a lot of great pictures. He is getting to be such a good photographer.

We ended up eating too good last weekend. We went to Renna's Pizza for lunch before the Monster Jam. After we hot Whataburger. The husband loves to go there even more since they closed the one in our town.

Then last Sunday the husband made his first time ever homemade calzones. He even made the dough from scratch. He decided to go with hot italain sausage as the filling (along with the usual richotta cheese and mozzerella cheese). As you can see from the photo he took they overflowed the plate. I had a yummy lunch the l=next day of the leftover. He is such a good cook.