Thursday, March 29, 2012

The biggest sale EVER!

I wanted to share my joy. The other week the husband and I stopped at the local (sad and pathetic) Goodwill. I have only found a handful of things in the year and a half I have been going there. The husband humored me by going in after we had dinner at the place next door. We wandered all about and the only thing of interest we found was a Cuisinart slicer attachment box. I was just using my 2000 Cuisinart that I only mix dough in. It was priced at $4.99 and was never used, in the box, with an original $89.99 price tag on the box. We figured we could go home, see if they fit and no huge loss.

When we got home we learned that my Cuisinart is a smaller version. Those blade/slicers would not fit it. So then we looked online. People we selling the exact same box for around $30-$60. We were floored. The husband jumped in and took the photo. I started the ebay description. We figured we could seell it by starting with a low price. We started it at $19.99. That would still be a profit.

A week and 6 bids later it sold! For $26.50. I went old school and wrapped the box in brown paper and the husband mailed it off for me. I was right on with the cost of shipping (I looked at the other sellers). It was the largest sale as far as box size and the price. The husband was a big help in us getting the item, posting it and shipping. I am even cutting him in on the profits. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have been meaning to post the bunny planter makeover by the husband. He is my personal painter. I am even expanding my colors. I bought aluminum colored spray paint and glow in the dark the other day. Something in the yard is getting a makeover

Of course the bunny got the standard pistachio that is all over my kitchen.

Bunny before:

Bunny After:

The husband felt the bunny needed his eyes colored in. He now thinks the bunny has an evil look and he wants to put a little white in the eye.

Also in the pistachio line up....

Retro trivet

This one was in rough shape when we got it and the metal was yellow.

Pen holder

I have had this forever. The blue parts are really for photos. I took out the very outdated niece's school photos and replaced them with paint sample cards. An interesting recycle and it goes with the blue and green kitchen. We need a pen holder since I switched the catch all that held bills, mail, checkbooks and pens with an old mail holder. This was originally white but was looking beaten down from years of wear.

Utensil Holder

This is another one I have had for years. It was white too. I bought this and the pen holder separately, but I liked how they had a similar look. Now they live at opposite ends of the kitchen instead of separate rooms. 

I told the husband I was doing a post about his paint makeovers. He said I needed to show his non-pistachio projects. Photo of the thrifted 1974 stitch picture before:


He painted the frame brown on another poster but I don't have a picture of that. 

The husband surprised me this week with a can of blue paint. I have bugged him about checking the "mistake" paint for the colors we are looking for. Now that we have the blue for the kitchen I have a feeling that step in the kitchen redo will be happening before long. Yeah!

Death and Books


It has been yet another interesting week. Someone was killed at work. Not where I work, at another location. That has affected everyone. I don't talk about work on here due to anonymity and that work is confidential. But I wanted to acknowledge how death is something that people are aware of but may not think about daily. I annoy my coworkers about safety. It is like talking to a wall with some. They have grown far too comfortable. Comfort ends up killing people when they grow lax. So I worry about my self and I don't forget where I am.


It sounds goofy, but I have had a plan if something happened at work. I have a plan to get out of the building and I know that if someone came after me I would do whatever I could to get away. I stay aware of my surroundings. I realize that anyone could go off. I also know part of why I am good at my job is that I put people at ease and keep things from escalating. I evaluate people constantly. Of course I am ruined for haunted houses. I spend too much time waiting for someone to jump out at me. 

It has also been a week of sales. I sold four 8 tracks and 2 books. A couple weeks ago I put a ton of books on Only a few sales so far, but I expect that to be a here and there place for sales. Yesterday I put more books on that I want to weed out of my personal collection. I learned a few things while going through the books: A) I bought a lot of books from Chamblin Book Mine in Jacksonville in the 1990s and B) I tend to put a piece of paper from whatever is near to mark my place. I found some notes and receits I couldn't tell what they were. Occasionally I find a book mark.

I have two book shelves pull of books that are mine and now two piles on the floor of thrifted books. When we moved a couple years back I truly realized how many books I had. They were the heaviest and largest things to move. I do not believe in ever throwing out a book. I also haven't been donating books. So something has to give.


I am giving my books and magazines on Etsy until they expire and will put the books on or ebay. The magazines may need to find a crafty project. I need to ponder that for when they are available. They are National Geographics from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The ads are my favorite part. Maybe I can make some art for the bedroom we have all the cars in. Maybe some of the great photography can find homes somewhere.

I need to give the books a time frame before I start donating them. I don't want full book shelves and piles on the floor for the rest of my life. The place I have been taking donations has not had a sale in a couple months. We might need to contact them to bring things to them or take it to another cause. They haven't had much stuff to sell at their sales. The last time we went I saw a few of my last donated items there. It is a good cause and they are the closest to the house. Living in the woods you have to drive at least 5 miles to get to the "big city."

We haven't been going out as much as we have been in the last few weeks. Budgetary restraints and all. It is property tax season. We are doing better at not spending so much. This week was pay week so I did splurge and stocked up the pantry. I had a dollar amount and was pretty much within it. I feel better with a stocked pantry. Plus I can work with everything in it for weeks. I like to stock up once a month and catch sales in between, especially on meat.


I read lots of blogs and I know how so many people are saving tons of money with coupons and going store to store to save. Unfortunately I live in an area that has no double coupon offers. We have WalMart and one grocery store. I have looked at sales at grocery stores in the neighboring areas, but it would be at least 20 some miles to get to those stores. The price of gas negates the amount saved when you travel that far. Just yesterday we went to Sam's just for a handful of items to stock up on that were cheaper there than WalMart. Plus the husband and I don't really buy name brand items much.

I know, I should be checking out the drug stores sales and getting the Sunday paper inserts. I just don't see it as a cost savings. I buy store brands and catch deals on the rest. Plus I always seem to need printer ink so the printing out of coupons doesn't work out. We stick to the staples and keep it simple. We have been doing better about making things from scratch. In the past couple weeks I have made zucchini bread a couple times. Of course I get to eat it all by myself because the husband doesn't like it. I will make banana bread for him this week.

Last night we had the in laws over for dinner. They have been struggling with bills and their limited income so we try to give them a break from the weekly dinner. The husband made chicken fried steak and a cake for dessert from scratch. We have been going through the flour with all our concoctions. I am still not at the point of getting the giant sized versions at Sam's, yet.


Plus the in laws eating at our house rather than at theirs, as we ALWAYS do, it made the husband and I do a little more cleaning. He actually made the second bathroom usable. He did hide the junk in the tub, but he made a step toward completing that goal. His mother got onto him about the bathroom, so maybe that will help. Nah, what am I thinking. He does what he wants. He has his own time frame, as he reminds me.

The plan to use a meal plan calendar didn't last longer than a week or two. But it did make me think more about what to buy when I stocked up. I don't go to the pantry as much saying "There is nothing to eat."


I was looking for this last picture and I couldn't find just what I wanted. I want a small room full of items, like a small grocery store. Nothing fancy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Update on 12 in 2012

Update #3

1. Lose weight -  I lost 12 pounds thus far that I know of. I haven't weighed myself since the last update. I did get a size smaller jeans. And my underwear falls down at times. 

2. Get to selling - Selling on Etsy, and ebay. I have sold 12 items since the beginning of the year. I have vintage National Geographics, books and kitchen stuff on Etsy. I have a bunch of books on I put thirty some 8 track tapes on ebay today. I sold one in less than an hour from posting. I am currently adding more books on I want to move the piles of books out more than anything else. 

3. Pay off my mom - Still sending in payments. The tax refund only covered my property taxes. I am not sure if we will make the goal of June for pay off. I haven't heard from any family about them sending in money.  She will be paid off. I shouldn't kick myself if it isn't by June. 

4. Put down flooring - Floor in 3 out of the 5 rooms that we have flooring for. No plans yet as to when the other rooms will be tackled. I want to do other projects first. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - No paint yet. Still not sure of the color.  I told the husband to keep a look out for mistake paint to catch a deal. I wanted to get some free paint from Ace Hardware, but he said their paint sucks. Free is still free. He thinks it will peel. I better get to looking for mistake paint. I am very open to colors except for the freaky pinks and purples.

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - Tile floor done. Clock up. Still need to move the cabinets. Still need to paint. Put out all the tupperware containers and the new rabbit planter. It looks sweet whenever the dishes are not piled on the counter.

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - Somehow the husband still has some trash in there. He also needs to clean it. Hmmm. This one has gone on far too long. I need to get onto him. 

8. Green it up - Now up to 3 plants inside. I think the cold weather is over. I need to plant my wildflower seeds in the wheelbarrow I had plants in last year that all died. I also have the tub that the tomato plants died in. I need more life at home. The painted rabbit planter looks good. I just need to take photos. 

9. Take care of the finances - Still making payments. The husband had a past bill come up that they are making him pay on. That slows everything down. But we are keeping at least our heads above water. 

10. Do more, compute less - I have read 3 books. I have read plenty of free magazines that my surveys got me. Some are better than others. The husband and I keep going on weekend adventures. I have been baking more. We play poker about every week at the in-laws. Sometimes we play Yatzee. 

11. Downsize - I gave away a box of items. The giveaway box always finds more things. I cleaned up the second bedroom and organized the closet. It has come a long way. The mother in law had her yard sale and it was nice to see my old stuff go away, I mean find new homes. I continue to downsize my books and my thrifted books. I don't feel as attached to them since they just sit there. This is definitely one of the ongoing projects.

12. Sew something - I did sew some clothes. I have a new pile of darning waiting for me. My bag of cloth is getting bigger. I have a new pile of clothing to mend. I just washed them since they had been sitting around and getting musty. Next they will go next to the bed and get fixed. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


It has been a week of me thinking. Mainly reevaluating. At work, at home, for the future. Yep, it’s been a deep week.

I tend to re-evaluate work periodically anyway. It seems that there is always a shift in the way things runs or who I work with. This week I have been thinking about my own work. The week started with a couple days of training. I was able to read 2 books while there. I haven’t been reading more than magazines for a long time. It felt good to be a dork who stays up late to finish a book in order to look up what Slaughterhouse Five was talking about.

I evaluated how I do my job. Am I just seeing people and keeping up with what the minimum is or am I putting in more to help people? I am trying to do more deep in depth, emotional stuff. Well, for those who are willing. I try to do what I can with time contraints. I am running two groups. I am not taking my whole lunch because of paperwork and the groups. This I don’t mind if it is helping.

I sometimes wish I had a job that came with a finished product. It was so much easier when I worked at the pizza place. After all the work there was a product that people enjoyed. These days I have to look for the occasional moment that lets me know that something is working, something is getting through.  

At home I am evaluating what is in the house. The mother in law finally had a yard sale (over 2 years since the last one). She made some money. I had a couple ladies who were willing to take me with them to an estate sale. I was just thinking how I need some thrift/estate sale pals so the husband can get a break.  I stayed at the yard sale working on my displays on the tables.  It was fun to get more creative. The Christmas ornaments sold after I did a display.

After last week’s argument with the husband about his tools and organizing stuff, I have been trying to look at more things to pair down. I am not selling all that much online. I think I had 12 sales since 1/2/12. The piles of books in the hallway doesn’t seem to dwindle. I need a better way of organizing since both shelves are completely filled even before I started attemoting to resell books.

I was proud of myself yesterday. I had called in on working the yard sale (stomach hurt plus I knew that a Sunday sale would not be busy around here). I had a huge mess in the kitchen to clean since I made soup and cookies the other day. Since I was cleaning up I looked at some of the things on the counter. I managed to pull out a couple Tupperware canisters I had bought not long ago but were sitting in the pantry unused. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the one that came in a set with no lid. Maybe the husband’s tools etc could live in it without a lid. 

Then today I got super domestic and made zucchini bread. he husband doesn't eat it so it is all mine. Sometimes I scare myself when I get into cooking. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the Theme of Nell

I finally tackled the second bedroom and closet today. I pulled all the tools out of the closet and got into a fight with the husband. I think he has a problem with organization. After we went through all the stuff that he had spread all over that closet everything got a home - screws and nails in separate containers, all the tools in a container... It seemed like a lot less stuff. He still won't admit how awesome it is, but I know it is. He will be able to find things and not throw a fit. I am sure there is a better way to store it all, but this is a huge leap from when he turned the second bathroom into a shed.

I was able to clean off the bed and find everything on there a home. I am still working on getting a container for the last few drawers on that monster bureau in that bedroom. That thing is huge and I have had it for 12 years now. I never liked the thing. I plan on getting everything out of it and probably donating it. The only thing is that there are several things that are stored on top of it. I need to come up with a plan for that.

I am wanting to move a few things around in that room once the monster bureau is gone. The second bedroom is now home to my first office chair purchase. The husband and I wandered yesterday out to the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store. It end up being customer appreciation day and everything was 50% off. I brought home 3 more 8 tracks, 6 books and then I saw that chair. It is the cutest beige office chair. It was marked $25, but with 50% off it was just my price, $12.50. The husband fussed about carrying it to the car. It fit in the back with the back seat down. It was meant to be. I only found one slight stain on the side. Otherwise it is in good condition. It has a metal tag from a chemical company.

I told you it was cute. 

We also went by the local fundraiser for Relay for Life. We ate, drank and even yard saled there. The husband found a golf swing practice contraption. I found a few classic books for 10 cents a piece.

I also found the cutest rabbit planter. I swear reading bogs puts these ideas in my head (and etsy). This makes plant #3 in the house. I plan to paint it green to go in the kitchen. We went by Lowe's and I found an aloe plant to put into it after its painted. The husband has been bust with all my repainting ideas.

During our wandering we wandered to Branford. I had never been there before. We pulled into a place called Nell's Restaurant. We were bad and it was a buffet. The fried chicken was good. The husband pestered me into buying him the homemade peanut brittle they were selling for a church at the register.

Like them on facebook

We finally got to check out the thrift store in Fort White. It was a lot fancier than I expected from such a small town. I found yet another set of car themed curtains - Monster trucks this time. I also found a cute 70s plastic napkin holder.

The husband found the deal of the day... a $10 jigsaw. He said his dad's just died and they needed one. He always finds the best deals on tools. Yet he still makes comments on our many thrift outings. One day I will find a thrifting friend and they will go to stores with me while he fishes or works on cars.

Speaking of fishing... the husband and his Dad finally caught some fish. They went 2 hours away to a lake his friend said was great for fishing. They caught 3 bass. We had them for Friday night dinner at the in-laws. They were so happy to catch something and had a great time doing it. The husband fell in the lake too. He had a good sense of humor about it. He said he found out for sure that his phone is waterproof.