Sunday, November 25, 2012

We Like Her: The Holiday Gift Guide

I saw another blog (
listing their Etsy picks for the season. I thought, Hey that's neat let me give it a try. Then I sat down to come up with some picks and realized, Hey this is way harder than it looks.

So here is my attempt at HolidayGifts:


The first thing I think of when I think of a present for the husband is Mossy Oak Camo. Maybe that is due to the fact that I am in my bedroom and it is completely done in camo. Yes, we have Mossy Oak paneling, blanket, sheets, pillow cases and even a lamp. For the man who has it all, at least it all in Mossy Oak what do you get them? See below: 


Women are tough. It's best  to let them tell you (or subtly hint) at what they want. 

THE ORIGINAL - Evil Eye Ball Ring - SALE

Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Orange


When I think of teens I think of my nieces. They are into all things girly. I dare not get them clothes at their age, so lately I go for decor. 

Hat from WalMart

Zebra print pots


Fisher Price Action Garage

Vintage Fisher Price Farm

Yellow Panasonic TNT 8-track player



My in-laws have about everything they could need. They are difficult to shop for. They don't collect things like they used to. The father in-law has every tool. The mother in-law has every kitchen device. Sometimes we have to get creative. 


I try and give friends something that is individual and lets them know I listen, that I know them. If you are reading a blog to actually get ideas you are doomed. I suggest you go generic. By all your friends the same thing so they don't catch on how bad a friend you are. 


It's tough to find a non-denominational, non-offensive, non-sexual gift for whomever you work with. Keep it simple. I try to keep it work related as well. 

vintage 1980's board game,  The Yuppie Game 1985, money property game, pittsburgh

1971 Shrink Game Image Association Complete

vintage human anatomy - the brain - science geek unisex (gray) MESSENGER / LAPTOP BAG

Freud 8 ball

Good luck on your holiday shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gator Adventure - warning lots of photos

This weekend I had a lovely adventure. What was planned was put off and then brought back. It was lovely.

We had a deal on the Alligator Farm in St Augustine (50% off). Then it seemed it would rain so we decided that might not be a good idea.

So we woke, had breakfast and headed it the Arts and Crafts Sale at the Penney Farms Retirement Community. I haven't been there in years and well, I love the retirees. We checked out the arts and crafts, as well as the book sale in the next building.

I scored one craft - a gift card holder with firetrucks for the father in law. And 3 books.

Then we had to go to the PRC Resale Store. It is just the right time of year to get their awesome deals on Christmas ornaments. I scored several.

My drag queen angels

That fro suckered me in

I have plenty of stars, they are my addiction

Plus I found a couple bell/necklace thingys:

A bell, reindeer and googley eyes. Who could say no.

Wear to work and annoy coworkers. 

The husband found net lights and some tool thingy. He always finds deals.

While driving down the road we saw an estate sale. I think I had read about it on my garage sale app. We wandered in and looked at the old place, The wife must have loved the country style of decorating, along with crocheting. There were a ton of book on the subject. Lots of people were buying. I found one small pin that I found cute.

The we wandered further. The husband wanted Whataburger. Ever since so many have closed he likes to go when we are  near one.

We wandered some more. Then we were in Jacksonville. Then we were on the highway south. Then we were in St Augustine. We decided to go to the Alligator Farm since it hadn't rained.


Albino alligator

We had so much fun. There were so many animals. We watched them feed Maximo - a huge alligator. We wandered all about taking pictures. It was lovely.



Lots of gators that can be fed pellets

They are swarming

Look at that bog ole head

Tortoise cuteness


Too cool

Fake, but it looks almost real


Kimono Dragon

These were all over. You put in coins and they go in its belly. 

Chinese croc

Carved out of wood

Carved in Timor. The photo doesn't give it justice. 

We noticed as we left that the door lights up.

The husband got a new camo hat at the gift shop. He got me a magnet for my wall of magnets on the side of the freezer.

My new magnet the husband bought me. 

We got out of St Augustine as it was getting dark. It was the start of the Lights. The whole town is covered in them. There were a ton of people there.

Since we were in St Augustine, as always, I had to go by the Converse Outlet Store. I didn't find anything. The prices are higher and they had no shoes I liked. :(

I designed these. I would definitely buy them. 

The husband and I went home, ate pot pie and watched The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He'd never seen it.