Thursday, January 23, 2014

Un-Bucket List

I know there is a movie (I have never seen) about a bucket list. I read plenty of posts about completing bucket lists. I have written my own lists of 5 year plans and goals. The thing is I try to do things I want to do rather than focus on what I haven’t done. So when I came across a blog post with a bunch of crossed off bucket list entries I thought why not an un-bucket list. Yep, a list that lists the things that some people would put on a bucket list, but I have already done. Let’s see how this idea works out.

UnBucket List:

Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.
Hike a mountain in New Mexico.
Ride an elephant.
Ride a camel.
Go on a cruise.
White water rafting.
Visit Washington DC.
Visit New Orleans.
Visit NYC.
Get CPR certified.
Visit another country.
Buy my dream car.
Complete a degree.
Find my soul mate.
Drive cross country.
Buy a house.
Go camping in a tent.
Write a script. 
Go to blueberry festival.
Go to a crab festival.
Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
Visit Sea World, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. 
Learn to play poker.
Fly a kite.
Make a candle.
Grow a plant from a seed.
Decorate the house with lights outside at Christmas.
Ride on a motorcycle.
Sell things online.
Draw a comic strip.
Do a zine.
Get a tattoo.
Go to a movie alone.
Donate blood.
Watch a movie in a drive-in theater.
Try ice skating.
See a meteor shower.
Get my palm read.
Get a tarot reading.
Drive a manual transmission.
Use chopsticks.
Ride in a canoe.
Eat fondue.
Go to a movie set.
Drive a convertible.
Eat bison.
Eat alligator.
Go to a circus.
Go to a petting zoo.
Go to an aquarium.
Make something out of pottery.
Go on a ghost tour.
Go to a zucchini festival.
Eat escargot.
Go to Nascar race.
Drive on the Blueridge Parkway.
Get married.
Own a shelf full of books.
Play an instrument.
Own an 8 track player.
Help with DIY home projects.
Live alone.
Go see Monster Truck show.
Attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Write a blog.
Become a counselor.
Have pets.
Have a float in a parade.
Go to the ballet.
Then I thought how about a list of things I have no interest of ever doing:

Skinny Dipping
Sky Diving
Perform at a Café.
Be a Bridesmaid. 
Send a message in a bottle.
Ride in a limo.
Pose nude.
Swim naked in the ocean.
Experience a tornado.
Read the entire bible.
Spend a night in jail.
Try planking.
Try owling.
Be a hipster.
Be a yuppie.
Although I came across a few I want to try:

Yellowstone Park.
Make homemade pretzels.
See the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Take a flying lesson.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Own a rat.
Take a month long vacation to another country.
Go to a drag show to see queens from Drag Race.
Paint a picture.
Write a book. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gatorland and Mold-A-Rama

I finally got myself to Gatorland. They have periodically a deal for Florida residents, $10 a person. We splurged and paid $2 a person to ride the train.

This is how I always saw Gatorland:

This is how the husband actually saw it:

I didn't get my normal souvenir - a magnet. Nope. This time I finally saw what I had only seen on the internet - Mold-A-Rama. For a mere $2 I have my very own plastic gator. 

The machine

Not the clearest and I wish it was green. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Attainable Goals for 2014

I I thought, instead of making a 14 in 14 list, like the past couple years, why not make a list of things I can actually do and that are already on my To Do list for myself. I made this list last week and I have already done one of the things on the list: 


     Go to a destination in Tennessee

Go to a destination in Georgia

Go to a state park

Make 5 recipes from my overloaded Pinterist boards

Read 5 books

Take a day without computer or phone

Go to one tourist destination in FL that I have never been to   Gatorland! Post to come

Go to Silver Springs because the husband has never been (and it's free entramce)

Find a couch

Paint at least one wall

Make my own laundry detergent

Go camping for more than one night

Make a holiday tradition

Give away things at least 5 times

Ride my bike 5 times

Volunteer or give to an organization 3 times

Make a craft project

     Go on a girl's trip

     See a drag show


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

13 in 13: End of the Year Summary

1. Sell 150 items: 

Total sold: 62

Summary: I stopped selling on ebay. I still have a books on It became too much pf a chore, filled up the spare room and was a pain to deal with. I think If I continue I will stick with books and things that fit into padded envelopes for shipping.

2. Weekly Blog Posts: 

December posts: 4

All year posts:
January - 5
February - 5
March - 9
April 6
May - 5
June - 3
July - 5
August - 4
September - 4
October - 5
November - 4
December - 4

Summary: I didn't post every week, but I did a fair bit. The usual starting the year strong and petering out. This looks like a success.

3. Read a Book Per Month: 

Number of books read: 9, read during 6 out of 12 months.

Summary: I read much more online and things that are brief. I am ashamed that it has come to that. I continue to have a stack of To Be Read books.

4. Track my Food to Lose Weight: 

Final: I gained weight. I am snug in all my clothes. I am tired and stuffed. I am starting back logging my food, eating salads for lunch and the husband is bringing over a piece of exercise equipment that has been in the shed.

5. Monthly Adventures: 

Summary: I think I have done great with this one. I have been using the calendar on my phone to save the dates of interesting events. I already have 3 weekends in January scheduled. Also the coupon/groupons help. I doubt I will ever run out of adventures. We definitely go somewhere interesting at least once for month. Success!

6. Get serious about starting a family: 

Final: Nothing has changed with this. I am getting older, perhaps too old to have kids. I need to do it or give up. The bills are paid off, the house is almost fixed up and these eggs are old.

7. Save Money: 

Final: $3000+

Summary: I paid off my car and my student loans this year - with help from a loan repayment program and laid off/ PTO time paid. Next to pay off is the small loan for the AC unit at my house. Also I can start using the savings for some things we have been putting off - new glasses, a new bed, home improvements etc, all while still savings hundreds per month. By 2015 I will owe nothing but the monthly bills. Super Success!

8. Watch More Movies:
December movies: Red 2, Frozen

Summary: I still love movies. Success!

9. Improve at Work: 

Summary: I am still employed. I always work on being better at my job. I received a compliment when my co-worker referred to me as the supervisor. I corrected her. Then she said I tell her when she does things wrong without making her feel dumb. Success!

10. Take a Real Vacation: 

Summary: This year it was short trips with our sick pets. But we did leave the state and had several nights away from home. Next year I have to save up leave time with the new company just to get a whole week, probably in the summer. In the mean time I would like to take weekend trips more. Success!
11. Try Something New: 

Summary: This one was not a huge success. But I think this one is about the little things. I interviewed and considered new jobs. I ate different foods. I am always working on self improvement. Life long success.

12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 

Summary: I continue to recycle everything I can. I try to come up with new ways to reuse things. I donate whatever I don't use. We have about one bag of trash a week. Definite success.

13. More home improvement: 

Summary: We painted, fixed, beautified, reorganized, moved and cleaned out. Nothing huge this year. With  the pay off of the bills we have more money to work on. The simple request for new kitchen cabinets the thoughts on the kitchen possibilities are growing and growing. I think this too is a success with more success to come.

Overall I think I did well on most of the goals. My strengths and weaknesses are obvious. I will continue improving myself and the world around me. I just don't think I will be writing a list every month. I may just post about my goals as they come. :)