Thursday, March 29, 2012

The biggest sale EVER!

I wanted to share my joy. The other week the husband and I stopped at the local (sad and pathetic) Goodwill. I have only found a handful of things in the year and a half I have been going there. The husband humored me by going in after we had dinner at the place next door. We wandered all about and the only thing of interest we found was a Cuisinart slicer attachment box. I was just using my 2000 Cuisinart that I only mix dough in. It was priced at $4.99 and was never used, in the box, with an original $89.99 price tag on the box. We figured we could go home, see if they fit and no huge loss.

When we got home we learned that my Cuisinart is a smaller version. Those blade/slicers would not fit it. So then we looked online. People we selling the exact same box for around $30-$60. We were floored. The husband jumped in and took the photo. I started the ebay description. We figured we could seell it by starting with a low price. We started it at $19.99. That would still be a profit.

A week and 6 bids later it sold! For $26.50. I went old school and wrapped the box in brown paper and the husband mailed it off for me. I was right on with the cost of shipping (I looked at the other sellers). It was the largest sale as far as box size and the price. The husband was a big help in us getting the item, posting it and shipping. I am even cutting him in on the profits. 

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