Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just last week I commented to a coworker how I had not gotten sick this past year. No cold, flu or gunk had gotten me. I was doing amazingly well at showing up for work consistently. Until this week.

Saturday I woke with a sore throat. I was popping cough drops throughout the day. Sunday I was sneezing and blowing my nose. The husband said I would be calling out of work Monday but I disagreed. By Sunday night I was feeling worse and agreed that I would call out.

I slept until 7 am Monday when I had to call in. I lounged watching TV all morning. I washed some clothes and baked some zucchini bread in the afternoon. I watched a lot of TV. Bad TV. Reality TV. The kind of TV that would make a non-sick brain turn to mush. But when you are sick it is the only thing that your brain can tolerate. Yes, I am ashamed that I watched back to back Khloe and Lamar. I am ashamed that I now know what Couple Therapy is and who is on it. But those shoes had my brain at rest.

The husband even brought me Wonton soup and Chinese for dinner. Unfortunately where we live there are no good Chinese food restaurants. There is one take out place in town, but it is so pitiful. But I ate it. I didn't have any soup in the house. It is sad when Louisiana seems so filled with Chinese restaurants and Florida is so pathetic. Mental note: eat Chinese food when we go up north this summer.

I started feeling worse last night and the husband kept saying I was not to go to work. My temperature was low. I run a low temp normally but this was a little lower. So here I sit frustrated that I am sick and should be resting, but wanting to do something more than just sit. So I figured I would write about it. I also checked my work email, which has nothing interesting. I did get some congratulations on my group's graduation. That is always cool to hear from former coworkers.

The thing with this blog is that I wanted to do something different from my last blog. The last one was all about what was going on with me and it had pseudonyms for everyone and rambled on and on. I thought it was too personal, too whiny, too blathering. I wanted this blog to be different. Then when I look at what I wrote each week I feel like it is not very personal and not much about me. It is about thrifting and going places and not all that deep.

I know I don't want to do a blog about what I do every day or who pisses me off. I know I can't do a blog about work because, well, that is all I talk about at home, but... I am a counselor and it is confidential. I know I write a snippet here and there on twitter about a "client" or group, but nothing earth shattering. It's just that work is so much of who I am and what I do when I am not home sick being a bum.

I guess the blog is not unlike my daily thoughts... trying to resolve who I am with what I do. Most of what I ramble on to the husband about work when I come home is more about annoying coworkers and the funny moments. I am banned about talking about The Princess since she is "a hollow shell of a human being" according to a former coworker. But that is not what I want to write about here. I know I wrote a post before that was about what I wanted this blog to be about. I probably should go back and read that one.

I do want to write about more things that interest me and that I am passionate about. I have tried the travel/thrift thing for a while. I tried the updates on goals. I don't see me doing the weekly goals, or thrift shares or anything that requires so much time and effort that I would hate doing it. I have been pretty good about posting every week (most weeks).

It has been a while since I wrote about blogs I enjoy or web sites I find cool. I want the blog to be about me but not all about me. Know what I mean? I have a whopping 6 followers and I am very excited that they follow me. I follow far too many blogs and probably need to go through the list and weed out the non posters. Part of blogging is having an audience, otherwise I would keep a journal on the computer that no one sees. No one I know reads this. I tell the husband what I am writing but he doesn't read it. I guess this is more anonymous then I tend to admit. Few people know I even write a blog.


Okay, that all makes me sound like a hermit, which I guess I have become. The Princess Debbie Downer is my only issue. She stirred up some stuff a while back and I resolved if she brings it up again I will be assertive and tell her either put up or shut up. Of course once I decided that she dropped the subject. Awe shucks. Just when I made a resolve.

Maybe I am a bit hermit-ish. I do talk to a few people. I have become choosy and I don't talk a lot about personal stuff at work. What is there to talk about? Does everyone really need to know my life story in order to know me? No. Maybe I am gun shy too from the close coworkers I had that I don't see anymore. You know the ones that talk to you all the time when they have a common thing to complain about or they are miserable, but when they go on to another job and are happy they don't think about you. I know it is not just my line of work. It happens time and time again.

So I have been trying to size people up first before I jump all in to being buds with them. They tend to move or leave and everything is up in the air at work. I do miss the conversations. That is why I come home chattering away to the husband as he listens to the interesting parts and shuts out The Princess stories. Venting is a hobby of mine.

So, new goals: 1) write about a variety of things, 2) write more details and 3) mainly keep writing. I kick myself for not writing more. I wrote paperwork, although good notes, but that is not what I want left behind as my writing sample.

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