Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Car Show that wasn't...and Pizza

This weekend the husband wanted to check out a car show that was advertised in the local paper. We packed up the father in-law for another weekend trip. This one was to be in Melrose, FL, so it was closer to home. We drove out in the rain only to find the location was completely empty.

We ended up going to the St Vincent de Paul Thrift store in Interlachen. We don't find a lot there but to me it is the least crowded St Vincent de Paul I have ever been to. The husband found a phone charger. I found a few books and a couple albums. Not that I need to start accumulating records after my 8 track problem/ The father in-law scored free cabbage.

Then we went back to Melrose to pick up the nephew. Then he said he didn't need a ride. It didn't matter because we were finally trying Betty's Pizza. We have driven by but never tried them.

First off the waitress Gloria was so friendly. She took care of everyone. We ordered a pizza and a calzone to share between us. They were both very cheesy. I could not believe the amount of cheese in the calzone. I will definitely go back for it again. The husband was eye balling another table's food. He wants to return for chicken alfredo.

We called it a day early and hung out at the in-laws the rest of the day. The husband had cleaned the paint off of the $5 bicycle. I think it looks great silver. He wants to paint it a candy color. This $5 bike may end up costing hundreds if I let him do everything he wants to do. We looked at some parts at the store. I need handle grips, a seat cover and a chain. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This week Part 3: Last Saturday

Last Saturday we had plans to go to a car show in Lake City with the father in-law.

We stopped by a fundraiser yard sale in Lake Butler. The father in-law, or I should say, New Farmer, found 50 cent tomato plants. The husband found super cheap truck steps. They have the mojo. I found nothing.

It was smaller than the last car show, but had some different cars.

I managed to talk the husband into going a bit further down the road to Live Oak to the Sheriff''s Boys Ranch Thrift Store. I like this thrift store because you never know what they will have and the prices are great.

The father in-law had said an hour earlier that he needed to find suspenders. Low and behold what did we find at the store but bright red suspenders. Plus they were 25 cents. How does he do that? I was hoping for rainbow suspenders like Mork from Ork, but no luck. I will keep looking.

The father in law also found a picture frame in the rectangle shape he has been looking for. Nut I finally found something at the back of the store - a $5 bicycle. We had talked about looking for a bicycle for me since the husband already has one. We could bike around where we live or take them out to one of the MANY parks in Florida.

They had a mess of bikes that ranged from $5 to $15. They all needed some TLC. I found one I liked and asked the husband to check them out. I wandered the store. The husband picked out a better bike for me that was still $5. He knew I wanted just a basic cruiser. I don't know how to shift gears and well, I am a basic woman with simple needs.

It could like this in the future. 

We researched the bicycle and it normally sells new for over 100 dollars. The husband said he could paint it and already was planning a candy paint job. I looked up new tires, seat covers and handle bar grips. It looks like it will not cost too much to get the bike a new life.

Saturday night we went to the husband's work friend's cook out. A couple years ago she needed a ramp built and the husband, the father in-law and I built her one. The husband fronted her the materials. She paid him back for every penny. It's been a while since we had been to her house and we were impressed with what she had done to the place. The yard was even better and had even more plants. She took me on a tour of what she had done to the kitchen - paint, refinishing cabinets etc. It was nice to see how much better she was doing all around. She was happy to have people over.

Although the week had a disappointing Friday I am back at excited. I may not find a different one, but I make the most of the one I have. I may not get the student loan repayment program this year but I will keep trying for that and/or a better job. I know I am a good worker and the monthly reports prove I do more than the average person. Plus once my bike is done I can just bicycle my troubles away.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This week Part 2: Friday

By Friday I was finishing up with what was leftover from missing a day during the week - paperwork etc. I won't bore anyone with the details. Work isn't very glamorous.

I went to the interview at 1 pm. I had applied to two jobs at the same location and I didn't know which I was interviewing for. It ended up being the lower pay position. Awe shucks. Although I think I did well on the questions since it is much like the job I already have I couldn't possibly take the position. It is 14 thousand dollars less than what I make now.

The interviewers were nice and I found out more about the location. I felt like I did waste time I could have been doing my actual work, but at least I finally had an interview. I haven't interviewed in a few years.

So, in order to help with my slightly bummed mood I decided to go to a couple estate sales. I received the call about the upcoming sale and was excited because it was to be 4 families at two house around the corner from each other. It was also at one of my favorite retirement community - Penney Farms.

The husband had to work all day Friday so I was on my own. I got to the sale about 1 1/2 hours into the sale. There were some people there. When I went inside the first house there wasn't much there. The books were all not my type. I found a glass container that matched my other containers.

At the second sale there wasn't much. I did find a few books at 25 cents apiece. Oh well, at least I went to the sale. Came, saw, left with a few things.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

By Tuesday - This Week Part 1

This was an interesting week. A long, interesting week.

I figured since I tend to ramble on I would break up this week's long post into 3 parts...

Part 1:

I had already agreed that the next time the husband called in I would stay home with him. So he awoke Tuesday saying my screaming in my sleep and the white dog repeatedly trying to jump in the bed caused him to get no sleep.

In my defense I was sleeping badly as well and I had a dream where I was yelling at people. I dreamt about work.

What did we do with the day at home. Well, the husband decided it was a good time to shave the dogs. We have 4 dogs. Two have short hair, one had medium length that he shaves every year and number four's body is half hair. I have been saying in the last few years that I would break down and pay for someone to groom. As usual I do not follow through. What do I know about where to go or how much it costs. The husband knows that, so he just gets it done.

Halfway through the dogs the clippers died. The husband and I took the obligatory trip to Walmart. We looked at the options. We decided since this was an investment and I was spending on clippers what I would have on grooming I might as well not be cheap. I bought the mid range dog trimmers that said they had a quieter motor (the little dog kept trying to bite the old set). The husband bought a new set for his own whiskers. He also decided not to be cheap and went with the mid priced option that came with a smaller clipper that runs on batteries, along with the big corded model.

We finished off the dogs. The little dog looks so different. During the winter she is a mop with eyes. In the summer she is half the dog. Yet she is always feisty and mouthy.



That day I happened to be able to answer my phone when someone called to ask for an interview. In the last weeks I started applying for jobs. I am ready to get out of where I am and they are probably going to privatize, so I want to give myself options. I scheduled the interview for Friday when I was already taking a half day. I was excited to get an interview.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

We didn't leave the zipcode

The past two weekends we went low key.

Last weekend we mailed off the 4th sale for the week at the post office. That 2 hour window on a Saturday is so exciting.

Then we had our dollar menu breakfast.

We checked out an hit or miss thrift in town. The husband found The Simpsons video game.

We went to my favorite town thrift. The stock is down, but word in the store was that they are moving. Thank goodness. I saw the For Rent sign and thought they were closing. I found a few books. I had to look since the book prices are slashed. The husband found a truck bug deflector and the lady said it would be a dollar. At the register somehow my 6 books were $1. How can you beat that.

We checked another newer thrift that we haven't found anything at. The husband found a NASCAR flag. luckily it was half off since even the half price cost was $4. The husband finds so much more than I do.

This is what we left behind.

I see a trend of yellow.

Then we went to the in-laws. I checked out his latest projects. The mother in-law had us watching bridal gown and kitten TV shows.

We ate dinner leisurely.

We went to Walmart to stock up on milk etc. That is a small town Saturday night.

For Easter the husband had invited his parents over for his favorite ham. He cooked a cake with sprinkles.

It is always a good day when the husband does all the cooking and cleans the bathroom.

This weekend we passed on hanging out with friends. I think I am in an anti-social phase. I took a half day at work on Friday. We did grocery shopping and visited the in-laws. I also went to the usually disappointing Goodwill in town. The husband found two hats. I found nothing.

The only interesting object - Unicorn we passed up

Saturday we slept in. We dragged ourselves out for lunch at Wendy's. The husband said he had a call for the Baconator. I tried it. Eh, it was okay. I still stick with the spicy chicken - the best thing they have going.

We wandered around town. We went to the American Legion sale. I scored a cool trivet and an old book all for a dollar.


We drove the country roads. Then we checked out my favorite local thrift, The ARC Thrift Store. I found a few books. They are trying to get rid of inventory before they move in June and the prices are dirt cheap. The lady told us where they were moving but even though the husband has been living here for 8 years we didn't know where she was referring to. Oh well, we will figure it out when they move. They said the new location will have air conditioning in the whole building, nit just half like the current building.

Then we went home and just hung out. I did get the laundry done since we are at the in-laws today for dinner. The husband made pizza. He made the dough from scratch. He is getting good at making dough. I told him he needs to expand to breads from scratch next. He complained I am suggesting more work for him.

Today I was taking advantage of free listing on ebay. I am switching as many books over to ebay since Half.com hasn't been panning out and I have had some books listed on there for over a year. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

The 25 best things about me are…

My favorite color is because….
I love green because it is calming and so much of nature is green. 

My favorite place in the whole world is…
My home. It is my "nest" and where I spend the most time. 

If I were an actress or an actor I would have loved to played the part of _________in_________because…
The one actress I would want to be would be Kate Beckinsale. I would like to be her in Underworld because she kicks butt. 

If I could choose any year to have been born I would have chosen the year ___because…
I would choose to be born the same year as my husband, 1968. He saw more of the 70s than I did. 

If I were a born as an animal, I would have chosen to be a(an) __________  because...
A buffalo because they are cooler than a cow and such a strong symbol. Plus they taste good. 

My family would describe me as…
My husband says I drive him crazy and am a pain in the butt. I know that is in a good way. 

The thing that makes me happiest is…My husband

The thing that makes me the saddest is…
Other people's suffering. 

The thing I wish other people would get about me is…
I try not to judge and I am way tougher than I look. 

10 things that really stress me out are…
1. Finances
2. Sick husband
3. Broke down car
4. Too much work to do at work
5. Super dirty house
6. Staff at work
7. Sick dogs/cats
8. Bad drivers
9. No food in the house
10. Not having some type of plan

My idea of a perfect day is…
Hitting the road with the husband. 

My favorite dream was…
The one where I went from inside the earth into outer space. 

One of my scariest dreams was…
When I knew a bunch of people in a ship were going to blow up and I couldn't help. 

People misunderstand me when…
I give feedback at work. 

I love…My life, husband, pets, home, family and even my line of work. 

If I were a superhero, I would be ________ and would try to…
Professor X and I would try to help other mutants like he did. 

I plan to accomplish the following three things this year.. .
1. Do more home improvements
2. Save more money
3. Start a family

I really don’t like…
Brussel sprouts

My favorite outfit is _________because…
Jeans, a Tshirt and Converse hi-tops because it's comfortable. 

My ultimate bedroom would look like…
1960s/1970s and comfortable. 

The place that gives me the creeps is________because…
A war zone because I would not want to be there. 

The most valuable lesson I learned last year was…
That I don't have to put up with negative relatives just because they are related to me. 

My friends would describe me as…

If I had $5,000 in my hands, I would…
Pay off a loan and buy an old station wagon or a hearse

If I had $25,000 in my hands, I would….
Pay off that loan and our houses. 

If I became a millionaire overnight, I would….
Pay off all my bills and start our own business. 

Here is a list of the most important things in my life
Husband, family, pets, home, work - not in that order. 

I am best known for…
My talking.

The person I look up to the most is___________because…
My husband says it's him, but that's only because he's tall. 

I really should stop…
Getting irritated at people at work. They can't help their ignorance. 

The most beautiful thing in nature to me is…
A tree

I have the most fun when I ….
Am with my husband. 

The people that bring out the best in me are…..They make me feel…
My clients. They make me feel accomplished and helpful. 

Write a letter to yourself – Call it something like…“Ode to thyself”
Dear younger self, 
Don't let other people bring you down. You are doing what's best for you and that' all that matters. Get rid of the negative baggage (people) and do not feel bad about it. You deserve more. You are great just as you are. 

My goals for myself this year and my plans for making them happen are….
Write them down, prioritize, make a plan and follow through.