Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Triplets

I haven't been posting as much. One the big things that I am surprised I have not posted about is the puppies.

In February in the middle of the night a puppy wandered into our yard. The husband lost his two dogs last year. I knew we would eventually get more dogs. We still had my two, but they are both getting older, 14 and 9. So the husband asked a couple neighbors and when they said the pup wasn't theirs he decided it was meant to be. We got him a collar, a bed, a bowl and toys.

The next day we found a note on the front gate saying the brindle puppy was the neighbor across the street's. I brought the puppy back. The guy said that he was gone that night and he had just gotten the puppy from a friend that day. Knowing the husband fell in love with that puppy I asked if the people had anymore puppies. The guy said yes and that he would go pick them up. I told him the husband always wanted a brother and sister.

The neighbor not only picked up the puppies, a fawn brother and a black sister, but brought them to us after the husband was home from picking up his motorcycle. He had his brother and sister. Due to his love of motorcycles the sister was named Harley. Due to the Jeep he is building the brother is CJ. Ironically the neighbor named the brindle puppy what the husband was going to name him - Ringo.

Our life became even more of an adventure with two puppies. Double the love, double the trouble. We were dealing with them chewing everywhere and trying to train them. We took them to the flea market for socialization. They got along good with the older dogs and the cats.

After having the puppies for two months the neighbor said that he couldn't afford to keep Ringo. Of course we had to take him. Even though two puppies were driving us bonkers (late night potty calls and eating walls, doors and wires) we knew we couldn't not take their brother. For some reason having three puppies instead of two wasn't all that different. They look in their brother as well, as if the two months hadn't passed. Ringo was home again. It was meant to be.

Here we are with three 25 week old puppies. They are Lab and Plott Hound mixes.

The little sister Harley, the feistiest, the instigator and the destroyer of the most things, looks like a Lab. I call her Dark Chocolate since he has some brown on the back of her back legs. We figure she will be about 45-50 pounds.

Ringo ended up being the middle sized one. He is still a lovey one, just like he was when we found him. He favors me as a momma's boy. He stays by my side when we go outside. He has the hound eyes. He will definitely be 50-75 pounds at least.

CJ is the biggun. He is the most hound with the most sagging face and big hound looks. He is sweet and a bit clumsy. He was the last to figure out how to get on the bed. We figure he will be about 100 pounds. He has the biggest feet.

So when we aren't working our best to puppy proof everything (while the cats work against us by throwing things on the floor) we are rarely bored. I knew we would never be a one dog home, but I certainly didn't expect to be up to 5. Good thing we have a small house or else we would have a bigger mob. 

Bike Weeks 2014

Since the husband got a motorcycle this year it is all about motorcycles. Oh, we still hot all the car shows, but now we look at everything on wheels.

We went to Daytona's Bike Week. We have both been to it before years ago, but never together. We took the Father in-law. There were far too many people. Well, it was a Saturday.

Here are a few pictures:

Then we went to Leeburg's Bike Fest. It was more older folks and less impressive bikes. It was huge. We took a shuttle from the Harley dealer. That was a good choice to avoid the traffic. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Attainable Goals 2014 Update

I was looking at old posts. My memory is slacking lately. I don't even remember it.

Let's see if any were attained...

 Go to a destination in Tennessee (planned)

Go to a destination in Georgia (planned)

Go to a state park  Ft Clinch

Make 5 recipes from my overloaded Pinterist boards (accomplished a few)

Read 5 books

Take a day without computer or phone

Go to one tourist destination in FL that I have never been to   Gatorland! 

Go to Silver Springs because the husband has never been (and it's free entramce)

Find a couch

Paint at least one wall (painted in the kitchen, to come. )

Make my own laundry detergent

Go camping for more than one night

Make a holiday tradition

Give away things at least 5 times (one down)

Ride my bike 5 times

Volunteer or give to an organization 3 times

Make a craft project

     Go on a girl's trip

     See a drag show