Sunday, September 15, 2013

My kittens are Evil

These sweet little kittens are now 4 months older. They are also evil. They are hell bent on destroying the house. Their fun moments are going into the kitchen, knocking everything off of the counters and from the cabinets and watching it shatter on the floor. They like to wake me in the middle of the night this way. 

They think they are very cute and adorable. I think their middle names are now Damien. The husband has been defending them by saying "They are being kittens." Lately he agrees that they need to go outside with the other two cats. The kittens must agree since they run for the back door every time Especially the little girl kitty. She has gone as far as the ground at the bottom of the back deck. 

I have had a lot of cats over the years. Usually I have an older cat in the house when I get a kitten (or two). This is the first time an older cat is not around to help the little ones learn the dos and donts. Or perhaps I finally got some dud kittens. I am trying my best to remain calm. We live in a small house and there are no doors on the cabinets or on the second bedroom. I cleared the counters. I have gotten the little boogers toys. We spend time cuddling and playing with them. I am hoping they grow out of the evil. Or else they are going outside. The other cats love it. When it gets freezing cold we have to hunt and trap them to get them in the house. 

Next step... spay and neuter. 


  1. Oh yeah, you've got a road ahead of you! Get them the tallest cat tree that you can find with a huge rope area on it for scratching. That will help them with some of that energy. And wear their butts out at least twice a day with a feather toy.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We have some toys to climb on. They tire out chasing the laser pointer. We definitely have to build something for them. They are very rambunctious.