Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ocala Thrift Trip

The husband had drove past a few thrifts in Ocala and said we needed to check them out this weekend. I was surprised he initiated going there. It also got him out of taking the trash to the dump. I did my homework and tried to plot a route and take into consideration the reviews so maybe I wouldn't end up like last week's debacle. And I also tracked down the site that said Tallahassee had good thrift store deals. I think she was paid off by the state government to promote travel there.

The down point to all my planning was I didn't factor in the holiday. Some stores were closed due to Easter. The ones that looked the most interesting were run by churches or religious organizations. So part of the day was a wild goose chase.

We did manage to check out the two stores the husband had seen in his driving. The first was the Humane Society thrift store in Ocala. It was packed full of things. The prices were all over the place. I managed to find these interesting needlepoint pictures:

I also found some 8 tracks. Yes, it is an addiction. The husband found a pocket IQ test that we thought was too funny to pass up. When we got home we both took it. I scored a few points higher than when I was tested at age 16 and he got an above average IQ, just as I thought. 

We didn't find anything at a few of the thrifts. Some were closed due to the holiday. Some came up on Google Maps but didn't exist. I hate when that happens. 

The husband ended up scoring another 8mm projector. This one is newer and plays 8mm and super 8. He amazes me when he finds that needle in a haystack and gets a good price for it. He also found a trailer hitch. 

The next to the last thrift we went to was a small Salvation Army. The inside had mainly clothes. The husband found a hat. The good stuff was other part where the furniture was. He found a huge pile of 8 tracks. They were selling them for 10 cents each! He said I should have bought them all. I did get 12. I would have had 4 times that many if I bought all of them. 

I also saw these cool chairs. Now the picture is horrible because it is on the porch, which is currently a construction area for tools since we are still in the process of finishing the kitchen redo. I saw the chairs and they made me think of my grandmother's kitchen chairs. Plus they were $2 a piece. How could I say no to that. They are in good shape. The metal legs need some paint. I always have a paint project for the husband to work on. Just today he was painting the pig trivets I scored weeks back that the guy said were brass, but weren't. We tried to clean the metal, but gave up and decided on paint when they weren't brass. 

While we were in the Ocala area we ate breakfast at a cute little diner with some good food. The Northgate Diner in Ocala was a little hidden in a small strip mall and from the outside didn't look like a diner. Most of the people in there were obviously regulars. It was tough to tell who were employees and who ere customers because it looked like they were putting everyone to work. The prices were good, the servings good sized. 

For lunch we went to the Tilted Kilt. The husband's coworker told him about it. It is a restaurant/bar with waitresses dressed in short kilts and kilt patterned bras with a small tshirt over top. It was a lively place. The food was good. The garlic fries were like crack. I was conflicted if they were going for Scottish or Irish decor. It was an eclectic mix. 

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