Sunday, August 12, 2012

Believe It

I know I have been lacking on posts for weeks. I like to think that my whole life has fallen into a rut since I got a cold/flu. At work I have been feeling behind and drowning in paperwork. At home I have managed to catch up on (most) cleaning. In weekends we haven't been having as many adventures over the past month or so that the husband has been working overnights and going out of town.

I am determined to get all that behind me. At work I have almost caught up on filing. I have been kicking butt for the past two weeks with getting things done. Somehow I am still behind on seeing some "clients" but I am determined to get that done this week. It's not like a chat all day and goof around.

Around the house I have been trying to whittle down the junk, organize and weed out the non selling items (books) to give away. I am planning to paint one, maybe two rooms, if I feel that ambitious, quite soon. It's not as if we don't have tons of accumulated returned/priced down paint the husband has been bringing home for months.

(the coolest ceiling ever)

This weekend the husband and I went to St Augustine. I am ever collecting the Groupon/coupons for places. We started out, got breakfast and he was the one to head towards St Augustine. I just got a coupon for half off Ripley's Believe it or Not. There's no way we would go at the full price (TOO HIGH!).

Bone Motorcycle

Lock made of locks

The cool carpet at the end of the tour. 

It was a nice day, but the place was packed. Standing in line to get in there was a cub scout troop in front of us. Luckily we got in front of them when we went in. They would have driven us nuts. We wandered through the displays. It was fun. The husband's favorite things were made out of animal bones. Good thing they change things up since I have been there once or twice before. I went on the Ghost Tour years back as well.

We also had a half off coupon deal for the Pirate Museum, but it was getting later and we had dinner with the in-laws, so we will go another weekend.

Of all the places to eat in St Augustine the husband chose Denny's. He said the commercials had him wanting to eat there. Since we don't have a Denny's near us (well, probably 30 miles away) I caved in.

We didn't do any yard saleing, but I did ask to swing by the ARC Thrift store on the way to the in-laws. They have gotten it more organized every time I go. Not much of interest for us, but I looked through the book room and found a couple. When I went to pay thinking it was $1 total, the lady said it was half off. Cool! I got a book about saying no making you feel guilty (I love the work subjects on paperback) and one on philosophy of films. That book gave me ideas for my group. They have been wanting to watch a movie. Since I have to get permission to bring a movie in I want to find something decent. The book gave me some options. Since the group doesn't necessarily have to watch a movie about mental health stuff, I want it to be a something to learn about.

Today has been the usual house cleaning and watching NASCAR day. The husband even stayed awake all day. I did a bunch of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, filled up the give away box and ate a lot of pistachios. Oh and lots of blog reading.

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