Sunday, July 28, 2013

Work Quandry

For the past month I have been thinking work. Work, work. Why is it on my mind even more than normal? Because I went to an interview a month ago. The lead up to the interview is that I have worked at my job for almost 6 years. It was the first and only job offer after I graduated. I know I would work there since A) they are always hiring and B) they pay well. Three years ago I changed locations to one closer to home. It went from a 45 minute to a 30 minute commute (all back roads!). I haven’t been as happy at this location due to not having a buddy at work. It took until this past year to have someone to hang out with and go to lunch.

Months back I started applying for jobs. I figured what the heck put yourself out there and see what comes of it. I had a couple interviews at a place not far from me. One paid too low and the other was for a supervisor, so it paid more. I turned down the first (it is the same job title I have now and level of education but paid $14,000 less) and the second never called back. I don’t blame them. My supervisory experience is as a manager of a pizza place, not an office.

A month ago I went on an interview that turned out to not be what I thought it was. It wasn’t even what I had applied for. The lady had pulled my resume since I checked it was okay to if I fit other positions in the company. The lady interviewing was so nice. I dazzled her with my usually annoying enthusiasm for my work. Then she hit me that it was working in a school. Okay, I didn’t see that coming. I don’t usually apply for stuff with children. I have PTSD from my last gig with kids.

I told her sure, I would be interested but that it came down to the money. The starting rate was too low for me. She said she could get me about where I would like to be. She sent me for the company’s testing – computer, email and typing. The next week I tested well. The following week they sent me for a drug test and fingerprinting. Then I received the call about the pay. I told the HR lady that I would call her back the next day with an answer. I went home to talk to the husband.

I knew that leaving my current job would involve less pay. The “real world” as I call it pays a lot less. It ranges from 4 to 14 thousand dollars less. I am licensed and now have almost 10 years of experience in the field, so I can deal with a few thousand less than I make now. I even rented out my house that has been empty for a while since the crazy lady moved out. I figured the deal I gave a friend’s brother would bring in the difference in pay.

When I talked to the husband he surprised me with saying he thinks I should stay at the current job due to the money. There is also a possibility of making more money with the new company. Of course the benefits aren’t as good and insurance is twice as much money. It may come out to be a draw depending on what the new company offers (allegedly offers are coming soon).

Then this week the company I turned down the job has called about other job opportunities. Either they want their monies worth after the drug and background checks or they are desperate. I told the HR lady that the reasons for not taking the position was the distance – it was twice the miles, which means twice the gas. The company did approve me for $2000 more than the starting pay for my license. The nice HR lady said that amount would be applied for the position she called me about. She said it was located in the area that I said I would be interested in (the same distance or 10-15 minutes longer depending on what part of town). She sent my resume to the hiring person. This is a big company in this area and most likely who I would work for if I left where I am at.

I am conflicted. I enjoy my work. I like the 30 minute drive. I like a couple people I work with. I am very good at my job. I like making a good wage. I am not afraid of hard work.

I do want to branch out and learn more. I want opportunities. My current job I am what I am (unless I get another degree). I don’t want to spend 20 years where I am. I see what it does to my coworkers (low empathy and thinks everyone fakes it).

Now I wait. I get into my “super fed up and I will do anything to get out of that place” modes. I also have my “I could use the extra money” modes.

No matter what I look at jobs as you make them what you want. There are the minimum expectations. After that it is flexible to do more. The annoying parts are also something that I can work on in my own head.

I try to tell myself there is no wrong answer. No matter what I will be helping people. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The most boring birthday ever...

I have never been a huge fan of my birthday. Childhood disappointment. I really don't like being at work on my birthday. That may stem from my 30th birthday when I worked on my birthday, got fed up and quit the next day. It was my mid-life crisis. It was also a long time ago when I worked customer service for a huge company.


Anyway, this year I lucked out and my birthday was on a weekend. I had hoped to go somewhere I had never been. Then they predicted rain. It did rain, a bunch. So I am glad I didn't travel just to get soaked. I can go on a sunny day. The husband took me to breakfast. We ended up waiting an hour for food. He was able to loose it. We stopped by his folks. We ended up using a coupon to go to lunch. Then we hit a couple thrifts. I was well behaved after my mid week thrifting and only spent the change in my pocket. I even came home with change.


I have been fed up with the second bedroom and how that dumping ground makes me hate the room. So I decided to spend almost a day cleaning it out. I pulled out almost everything in the room and closet. The husband went though the container filled with cords and wires. We went through the huge stack of board games we have accumulated. The sell pile is very large. I did promise I would play a couple of them before I sell it.


When I reset the shelves in the closet it fit everything even better. I pushed the fooseball table to the back of the room. I am now able to sit in my cool chair. I do have a huge area of items to sell and the piles of books are still too many, but the next step is to give away what isn't selling. I am very happy with the hard work. The room is now not my least favorite. I have a lot of work to do in order to list all the games and weed through the books. It is now a reasonable and organized mess.


The room is so much better that one of the dogs has taken it over for his hang out place. We had a child gate in front of the doorway, due to the kittens. The kittens actually like to play on the fooseball table. They hit the ball. So the whole family agrees cleaner is better. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekday Thrifting

I am still on the hunt for a new job. So far it's been slim pickings. One place has sent me on testing and last week fingerprints and drug testing (yet still no job offer). So since I left work early, it was still early after the drug test and since I was close to a couple good thrift stores in Gainesvillle... I was able to have a Monday afternoon thrift stop.

I went to the Salvation Army. It was blah. I found a macrame type plant hanger and a sweater. I am trying to bulk up my work wardrobe in case I ever get out of prison work and due to always wearing the same  thing every week.

Since it was right down the road I had to hit up my favorite Gainesville thrift store - Haven Hospice.


Inside I was not disappointed. I found something to go with the husband's collection of bowling pins - Bowling Balls! They looked neat. They has a great price. So I snagged them.

I also found a bunch of mostly 1980s games. They price was decent and well, I love supporting hospice.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Overdue Multiple Thrift Adventure

Because I had tech problems with loading phone pictures to the computer and this week I killed the new internet for a day. ...


I am so excited that I had a thrifting adventure!

I didn’t think we were doing anything much because of other responsibilities (mowing) and the rainy weather. But I awoke to the husband finishing the mowing he started Friday night I knew I may get to go somewhere. The Penney Farms estate sale was this weekend. I got a shower and dressed but I didn’t want to rush the husband since he did all the mowing. So I waited. Before we left I asked if we could go to the estate sale. Then I took him for breakfast at McDonalds (dollar menu yeah!).
I forgot the hours so it was over by the time we got there. The other sale I read online was almost over too. So we went to the Resale store. I love that place. The prices are awesome and you never know what you will find. This time did not disappoint. I found a squishy brain and a snowman magnet that they gave me for free (the original price was 5 cents so it would be a win either way).

The husband found an odd device that opens things. He isn’t sure what to use it for but he and his Dad always come up with something. He also bought an extension cord that he gave to his Dad. His Dad always says he has all of his extension cords.

I spotted the 50 cent Kodak slide projector carousel WITH slides. The husband got to talking to a guy working there and he said normally they give away slide stuff to Salvation Army. I better start going there more often. Or maybe that store will start keeping the slide stuff.
I also scored another crewel. I have seen this one before.

Then we went to the Quigley House (DV shelter) Thrift in Orange Park. I really need to put the cell phones I want to donate in the car because I don’t always plan our treks. They had a 50% off sale (excluding furniture). I probably should have bought even more, but I did find this cool wall hanging:

I haven’t been able to find the exact one online but Bancroft made several others. Too ‘70s for me to pass over. I also found they have a bag of books (paper bag mind you) for $3. Well I went to searching. I didn’t fill the bag to the top, but I scored 21 books. Plus they were 50% off too. So 21 books for $1.50. The husband was surprised I didn’t go back. It took so long to find the ones I got.

Then we went to Whataburger since the husband must have his special order burger whenever we are near one.

We went to another good thrift, the Haven Hospice Thrift store in Orange Park. We usually find some interesting stuff there. The husband found a Wii racket to go with the other Wii parts he found there last year. He found some t-shirts to try his art project and future business on. More to come on that.

I snatched up the 1970s mirror art that matches the one I found almost exactly a year ago. More 70s for the living room. Plus it has trees and the moon, two of my favorite things.

I found a few other odds and ends. Plus they have 25% off on Saturdays. They have great deals the rest of the week and 25% off every day for the military. The lady ringing us up was so sweet. They are always so nice there. Plus they are a great organization.

We made one last thrift stop to the Community Hospice Thrift store on Blanding Blvd. When they first opened they had mostly things from retail store. Now they seem to have more donated items. They were having a 50% off books sale. I know, I just bought 21 books, but a deal is a deal. I found 8 books and the husband found a PS2 game. When we brought it home it didn’t work. Oh well, we get great deals and things usually work for us.

I was happy to come home with a good bounty. Now to list some books and hang up the new pictures. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

13 in 13: June Update

1. Sell 150 items: 
34 items sold in 2013. June rallied and I was amazed at how many books I sold.
The husband has been helping with mailing them. Yeah!

2. Weekly Blog Posts: 
Only 3 weeks. It was the rain's fault.

3. Read a Book Per Month: 
Road Trip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life

4. Track my Food to Lose Weight: 
No bike rides. The bike has been sitting on the porch. With all the rain I need to come up with a plan to get some riding in. I am doing horribly on this goal. I am probably at my heaviest and I feel horrible.

5. Monthly Adventures: 

6. Get serious about starting a family: 
Nothing new. The kittens get all the parenting we have.

7. Save Money: 
We did well and the 3rd paycheck of the month covered the small amount we spent on vacation (thanks to coupons and cheap adventures). I did have to use some of the paypal money to pay the husband back when we sold the phones and his new idea for something crafty to sell. It is still in the prep stage. I do manage to have $280 in savings and money in paypal.

8. Watch More Movies:
Grease (a repeat but you have to watch it when it's on)
Underworld (another already seen but it's so good movie)
Female Trouble

9. Improve at Work: 
I continue to stay out of the drama filled nonsense even with impending change in who pays us. I did get to talk to the supervisor about the disbursement of work. She put more on the one who does the least (reports and schedules showed how little she does) but in the weeks since nothing has changed.

I have been applying and interviewing for months. I finally am getting closer to a new job. It is still in the negotiating stage. I know I will have to take a pay cut but I see a lot of positives in changing my work environment. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

10. Take a Real Vacation: 
We took our vacation this month. It was a well needed break. We only spent one night away from home and that almost didn't happen because of our older pets. Next vacation maybe we can go further or at least a weekend trip.

11. Try Something New: 
I am trying to be more open to work opportunities. I went to an interview and did not know it was a position working in a school. I am trying to be more open. Now I didn't ask for the elementary, but I am open to middle and high school. I don't need to cut myself off from opportunities to grow in my field.

12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 
Since the last trip to take recycling to the dump we have accumulated a trash can full and started the second. We have been giving containers to the father in-law for starting his seeds. Plus we always shop second hand for as much as we can. The husband even bought thrift shirts for work!

13. More home improvement: 
Nothing new this month. I have some leave time money coming to me once things change over at work. I plan on at least going something with the kitchen (I have been yearning for husband built cabinets with doors for so long I sound like a record) and probably do something at my house since it has been empty for so long.