Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AIM Expo, Orlando

This past weekend we went to the American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando. It all started when I found a Groupon. Plus the husband is all about motorcycles. We took the father in law too.

This was the husband's first convention. He loved it. They had over 500 exhibitors. The husband and FIL came back with two huge bags of free swag. My job was to carry one of the bags. They got 169 stickers, a bunch of lanyards and pens, plus a tshirt, more bags and pamphlets. They talked to vendors about things they need for the Trike project. They learned all sorts of things. We saw a new Suzuki electric motorcycle, motorcycles from India that are not sold in the US and they took a demo ride on a Yamaha.

At the Expo they had a wall of stickers.

At home I had a table covered in stickers and swag.

Now if we go next year (if there is a Groupon we sure will), then we will go to the outdoors section and take the demo rides first. We were inside the convention center for 5 hours. We ended up eating there since you can't leave. Lunch was over priced but we still enjoyed it. We must have walked miles and miles. I was worn out at the end. I had fun though. The two of them were like kids in a candy store.