Saturday, April 21, 2012


What I love about wandering around and finding interesting things is the coincidents that you come across.

The husband and I started playing online Scrabble against each other after people in my group at work kept talking about Scrabble. I was never any good at Scrabble. I had a cool board that spun way back in the early 1980s. We would flip it over and play roulette.

The husband and I looked at new Scrabble boards in the store and I didn't want top shell out $17 (In prison they go for $19 with the dictionary, so I am told). We rarely see a decent looking Scrabble game in the thrift stores. I see the tiles on Etsy all the time and it cracks me up that so many people make them into other things.

Today we were wandering the roads and went to a Hospice Thrift store that was a dud the first time we went there. We found a Scrabble game that the box looked in good shape, but it was taped shut. We bought it, a Mille Bornes French Card Game from 1964 and a Poker Bingo game from 1972. I was willing to pay 75 cents to find out what a French Card Game was. It looks interesting and had all the cards.

The husband opened the Scrabble game when we got home and right on the top was a piece of paper keeping score between two people with the same names as us. We got such a kick out of that. It was destiny. Then when he took everything out of the box we found that there was one board, but two sets of tiles and tile racks. I looked online to find out how many of each letter they are suppose to have and a complete set of tiles was there, twice. What an interesting score. $2 for two games, pretty much.

We also found a stuffed animal looking deer head that hangs on the wall. A perfect addition to the husband's camo/forest themed master bedroom design. About a year and a half ago he put up camouflage boards on every wall of the master bedroom. He already had some wolf and moose statue thingys. Over the past year we have found a plastic raccoon, added another moose and I brought in my stuffed animal skunk. I still think he needs a squirrel. He disagrees since they are all over our yard and quite annoying.

I also found a couple wooden frames for 10 cents each. I figured at that price I will eventually find something to do with them. Always an adventure. Spent a whopping $7. Cheap entertainment. 

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