Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

I realized it has been a while since I last posted anything. What have I been doing? This is something I ask on a regular basis after I realize time has gone by and I cannot explain my whereabouts.

The husband finally got weekends off, so I have been spending weekends actually leaving the house. I know, surprising. Instead of cleaning the house, doing laundry and letting the dog in & out in between long stretched of exploring the web... I have been been worn out by adventures.

The first week I chose to go to the Habitat Restore. I hadn't been there in ages. I found cheap Armstrong tiles for my kitchen. The floor will be bright blue. Good thing I was open to color. I also scored an old $2 car tape player/radio that I originally thought was an 8 track player. That led to the rest of the day going to thrift stores and a flea market on a quest for an 8 track tape. No luck. I turned to ebay and scored a Micky Gilley 8 track tape (my father in-law's choice). Then the husband discovered it was actually a cassette tape player. Therefore we became obsessed with finding an 8 track player.

Ebay has more 8 track tapes and players then one would guess in 2011. Somehow last weekend we went by my husband's niece's house where we saw her boyfriend had one (it had been his grandfather's). So later the husband traded the car 8 track player for a CB. Thank goodness for his wheeling and dealing ways. Now I just need an old car to put the 8 track player into.

Week 2

The husband chose to go to Devil's Millhopper. I know, cool name. It ends up being a sinkhole in the midst of the city of Gainesville, FL. It is a state park. You walk down stairs to the bottom. It is like an oasis or mini rainforest in the city. It is very beautiful. We walked around the trail. It is well worth the trip to see. People have been visiting it since the 1800s.


That weekend we also went to see the movie Thor. The husband has been a fan of Thor since he was a wee boy carrying around a Thor figurine.

Week 3

Wandering around... Ocala. We headed towards the lighting capital. We went to a pathetic flea market. It was sad how few people were there, how many booths were empty or not open. It was raining, but I don't think that would explain how empty an indoor flea market was on a Saturday.

We wandered through the historic area and looked at huge over priced homes. We got Dairy Queen and I was sugared up and happy.

Week 4

My brilliant idea was the Bostwick Blueberry festival. I have been to the Callahan Blueberry Festival with a friend and it was cute. Plus I got a bunch of blueberries and blueberry ice cream. The husband's idea was to bring the dogs. We took two dogs to the tiny town of Bostwick. The festival could have fit in our yard. We walked around, looked at aprons, plants and bird houses for sale. The dogs were petted by the young and old.

We took the dogs home and wandered out to Lake City. It wasn't on purpose. There isn't much to eat in our town. We ended up at Sonny's BBQ. I haven't eaten at this location before. I guess we are working on eating at every one. We wandered through the big city Walmart. The husband found camo underwear. He ended up happy. Now he just needs camo socks to be completely camo-fied. He does answer to "The Camo Kid."