Sunday, June 5, 2011

NASCAR Vacation

The husband loves him some Nascar. He has far too many Jimmie Johnson hats and now is up to 2 JJ tshirts. A few years back I chose a driver. I used scientific calculations to choose... Scott Speed. His first name is the same as the husband and come on, how can you not do well with the last name Speed. Plus no one I knew previously claimed him as their own.

In 2010 the husband, his Dad and I went to the Daytona 500. We were there from morning, through the 2 hour wait to fix a pothole (who knew that could happen outside of a regular street). I was able to see Scott Speed lead laps. It was fun to see a race up close and to have someone to root for. Then at the end of the season my driver was laid off. I have yet to pick another driver. I have hope that Scott Speed will comeback. The husband even bought me a little Scott Speed car last year.

So months back the husband had an idea of taking his sister to a race for her birthday. Ironically the race was near her home near her birthday. Thus began my Nascar weekend. The first day we walked the track and received free burgers and drinks. I love free stuff. Day two we went to the Nascar Hall of Fame and walked around Speed Street in Uptown Charlotte. The Hall of Fame was very interactive. Just a shame all I wanted to do was sit down with a bum ankle. Speed Street was just companies hawking their stuff and giving away free junk.

Day 3 was the race. Our hosts were all about getting there early and tailgating. They also liked walking around in the heat trying to get free stuff. I turned back and cooled down. The race was awesome because somehow we lucked into front row seats. It was being practically on the track. I went home smelling like tires and fuel.

Day 4 I got to check out Value Village, which we don't have where I live. We also went to IKEA where I scored $1 shelves. We ate lunch at Iron Thunder, which s the best Buffalo Chicken sandwich in the world. It is huge and I swear they double bread it. The boys like the skimpy dressed waitresses.

Day 5 We went to a couple more Value Villages. I found ten 8 track tapes and a holder for them for $4. I saw a few home 8 track players. I found one miniature golf club. I was estastic. Another step closer to the backyard mini golf. We met up with the husband's nephew.