Monday, December 1, 2014

Indiana Vacation - part 4

I almost forgot to post about the Exotic Feline Rescue

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center
2221 E. Ashboro Road, Center Point, IN 47840
(812) 835-1130

Our second day in Indiana our friends took us to this cool rescue. The guide was really nice. There was one guy in the group who kept getting too close to the fence. We all wanted someone to swoop down and eject him. 

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  1. I remember visiting the game farm, I just had a new camera and a bigger zoom lens, and was standing at the corner of the enclosure at a fence that was still 3 feet from the main fence. It was feeding time, and the tiger wasn't in a good mood...

    If you have ever seen something that big coming at you in person, fence or not, it's scary...and seen through the zoom....I think I jumped about 4 feet into the air. Everyone laughed, except for me...LOL.

    I can still remember the feeling that it was going to jump right through that camera...the raw power in those cats is unbelievable.