Sunday, February 23, 2014

The 1600s in St Augustine

Weeks ago we had coupons to two tourist attractions in St Augustine. I am always up for a trip to the oldest city.


Colonial Quarter

They have redone the Colonial Quarter. It is a cute walk through representation of life in St Augustine from the 1600s to the 1800s. The guide, in period attire, Grimm, was excellent. Entertaining, funny and informative.There was a small group of people. I especially liked the blacksmith shop. They also have a tower. What a beautiful view of so much of downtown St Augustine.

We also had ice cream because we always get ice cream there. The husband had a pigeon as a best friend with his waffle cone.


The Fountain of Youth

I couldn't recall going  there before. My friend says I went there when we were teens. I think I have a vague memory.

The husband had never been. I snap up 50% off coupons for interesting attractions that we've never been to. First thing we noticed were the peacocks when you walk in. They have peacocks and also white peacocks. The white peacocks were posing on cannons. They know they like getting their picture taken.

Then we drank from the fountain. It tasted like regular well water from around here.

Next was the planetarium. I vaguely remember being there before.

Then the Globe Theater. These small old buildings were so cool because it was like a trip back in time. Imagine all the people who have been in there. If I had a good memory, it is probably just as when I was there in the 80s.

Then there were gun and cannon demonstrations. That was cool and loud. We wandered around. It was a sweet, quiet and laid back tourist spot. I bought a magnet and a t-shirt.

Of course when I am in St Augustine I have to go by the Converse Outlet store. I actually found a new pair of Chucks. I got a bunch of compliments on them.


Sunday, February 9, 2014


I know, I have been slacking. No posts since January. Well, I could say it's due to having limited MB with our internet. I could say it's because we haven't gone anywhere (Fountain of Youth to come, but nothing the last two weekends). I could explain that i was sick a couple weeks ago to the point of a 102 fever. I never get fevers. I was out of work for two days.  I have just been slacking.

Back in January I went to Disney with a coworker. I promised last summer that I would go. It is his favorite place on earth and other than Disney he doesn't go too many other places. We decided to go on MLK weekend since we would be off on hat Monday. With the new company we have very little leave time.

Now this coworker has Disney down to a science. He goes almost once per month and by himself. He has gone with a few other people since I've known him. His main request is that people go on roller coasters. I am on for anything. Yet I was not prepared for this experience. It had been over 10 years since I had been to Disney World.

We left work a little early to get down to Epcot Friday night. We rode one of his favorites: Soarin' and my favorite Test Track. Something about the interactive parts, making my own car, then making an add for it afterwards were so cool. We watched the nightly show and fireworks.

Saturday we spent the day at Hollywood Studios. I love the Muppets. Star Wars, Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller Coaster were cool. We stayed for the nightly show. By then I had a blister.

Sunday was Magic Kingdom. There were even more people there. I do not like crowds or waiting in line forever. I was also tired and now wearing two socks because of the blister. We stayed for the nightly show.

Monday we went to Animal Kingdom for the two rides her rides there - Dinosaurs and Expedition Everest. The lines were so long since it was a holiday. We drove home after that. I was beat, but could still walk. It was a long weekend with someone I see at work. I was on my best behavior, no whining.

I missed the husband. That was the first time I was away on a trip without him since we've been together. He has gone out of town for work. It was odd. he ended up doing a lot of work around the house with me gone. Maybe I need to leave out more often. He put in carpet in our bedroom (which previously still has plywood since he bought it). He also cleaned the house and did all the chores I usually do. He admitted he missed me too. He said it was too quiet.

I must have picked up some theme park germs because a day later I had a fever. It was a cold snap while we were at Disney that weekend and I saw multiple people hacking.

I bought a seasonal pass since I was planning this trip plus I want to go back again with the coworker and other friends who go there regularly. The coworker will go with me for gay days in June. We both have never gone. There are also other events and the holiday events that I may check out. It was more than I would pay for something for just myself, but as long as I go a few times this year it will be worth it. The husband is interested in Animal Kingdom since his coworker told him about their trip.

I expected the high costs when I went to Disney World. The food was a little high and I wouldn't be able to feed the husband all day at the parks. They do let you bring in backpacks and food. Some of the food was worth the price for something you can only get there, while others were just blah. I was also blown away with the $15 parking fee. If you have the annual pass it is free. There was a lot of money thrown down at Disney. I am amazed how families can afford it all.