Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 in 2012 Update #2

I figure the end of the month is coming so I should do an update. And oh do I have things to update!

1. Lose weight -  First weigh in I lost 4 pounds. I weighed in today and I am down 12 pounds. That is impressive to me. My cloths do feel a tiny bit looser. I have a way to go towards my goal. I am being good and mainly sticking to keeping my calories to 2000. It is tougher when we go out to eat. The app on my phone helps. Many restaurants are listed in there. I also think my soup for lunches may help my immune system. Except when I spilt my soup in my lunch bag the other day. Messy. 

2. Get to selling - Oh yes, I did it. I opened the Etsy shop and I potsed items again on ebay. This time I sold 3 on ebay and 2 on Etsy just in the last couple weeks. Of course I lost money on the first few, but it is a learning experience. I am figuring out shipping and how to set things up. I posted more items on Etsy and people are looking at it, just no more sales. I will keep plodding along. I have a bunch more books so I need to get to taking pictures. I reckon I should change this goal to Post More Products. I even made a spreadsheet that shows how much the item cost, how much it sold for, the fees, the shipping and if it was a gain or a loss. Yes, I am spreadsheet crazy. Just ask my coworkers. Plus by mailing the packages from the tiny, small town post office on my way home helps them stay open. The lady who works there is so nice. 

3. Pay off my mom - I am still sending in monthly payments toward her funeral costs. My goal remains for payoff in June. Once I get the tax refund I will send a good chunk. We will see if any other family members send in money as they said they would. Fingers crossed. 

4. Put down flooring - We put down flooring in 3 rooms on vacation. That leaves the two bedrooms and the bathrooms that need flooring. We are well on our way to having flooring in 2012 in the whole house.  


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - Still no paint. The flooring took up time and money so far this year. I think I still want a light grey. I missed the Valspar deal at Lowes the other week. Maybe I will start looking at the messed up paints to find a deal and a color. There are so many shelves in there you only see a bit of the walls. 

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - Tile floor is complete and barely squeezing out glue anymore. The husband needs to put the one set of cabinets together and repair them. We have the wood. Then I thought about how I wanted to take down the cabinets that are between the dining room and the kitchen that blocks the view. I can't stand when they do that in trailers. It will really open it up when they come down. We are now talking about taking them down and putting them over the window.

We found a bifold door for $5 the other week. The husband just needs a couple pieces of wood to put it up to cover the AC unit. Another thing we get to paint white. Yippee :) We still have the paint to buy and put on. The husband put up one of the two shelves over the washer and dryer in the laundry area. I love it.

I finally broke down and bought a small wall clock for the kitchen. Yes, I don't need another clock, but I thought the one wall needed a cool retro piece. I used my paypal earnings to buy the clock and paid the difference. It arrived yesterday.

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - Most of the things are out of the bathroom shed. I am still trying to get the husband to clean up the rest. Now that his knee is better I am hoping I can get him on that goal so we can cross that one off. 

8. Green it up - Still only one new plant for 2012. Now that the stores are full of gardening items and the weather has warmed up I should be planning, plotting and potting. February is a good month to start in Florida. 

9. Take care of the finances - I sent another payment. This bill is down to less than $500. Not only do I have a plan for that, but I am working on a business idea for when it is paid off. Of course the plan involves furnishing  an office. I am trying to find the best deals on couches and chairs, maybe a small desk or table. Definitely something on the walls. I can't get into it until after I am done with this bill. 

10. Do more, compute less - Yes, I read one book this year. With the piles of books I have I should have done more. I received two magazines this week and still haven't read them. The online selling has been my excuse for being on the computer. I need to cut that back way more. The husband still has us playing cards at the inlaws. With his purchase of a poker table cover and more poker chips we will definitely keep playing. He joked about getting a bingo game to play over there. His mom would beat us all. She is a bingo professional, semi-retired, now only playing online. 

11. Downsize - The give away box is growing. I cleaned off the bed that was covered with everything in the other bedroom on MLK day. The second bedroom closet is half organized, with the husbands tools and what not still all over. I have been thinking of ways to get more out of that room, maybe even get rid of that ugly bulky dresser that keeps a bunch of junk. 

By selling books online I am getting rid of the thrifted books and I am starting on the collection I have. I want to pare it down to one bookcase if possible. Do I really need a rag tag paperback of Clive Barker's books that I may never read again. Or should I find it a happier home or many hands it may fall into? Do I need a whole shelf of text books? Text books on topics I never refer to?

12. Sew something - On vacation I did sew some clothing. I was very proud of myself. The next step is to sew something out of my accumulated cloth and stuffing. How can I justify wanting a small sewing machine if I never sew. I have tailoring in my blood thanks to my grandparents. I should be embracing my culture. 

Surprise, we went thrifting

I took Friday off since the husband was off and well, I have plenty of leave time. The husband woke with a taste for a waffle. First stop Huddle House. Like Waffle House they make waffles and you can watch them make everything.

(and they have a blog

I told the husband he could choose where we went. We wandered far, far down the road. Then we went further. He wouldn't say where we were headed. I wondered if there was a destination. He pulled over and I looked up to see a thrift store sign. What? The man who complains of my thrifting takes me to one when he could just drive & drive like he loves to. Unfortunately the thrift store was closed. The man running the tackle shop beside it said it was his wife's store and she was getting cancer treatment. So sad. I hope this unknown woman beats the cancer.

The husband wandered further down the road. He thought he would take me to some thrift stores I haven't been to. I will not bore you with a list and step by step run down. I recall a rummage sale we didn't buy anything at. There were a few different Goodwills, a couple Habitat Restores and a few more thrift store duds. This all took place in Central Florida - Crescent City, Orange City, Deland and Sanford.

The husband ended up finding more things than I did. He bought a poker table top and some cool poker chips at a Goodwill Retail Store. He also He found yet another diecast NASCAR car. He lucks into these things. We can play poker now like the pros.

I found a Fozzie the Bear stuffed toy. I got it because of my love of Muppets and we call my supervisor Fozzie for his cheesy jokes. I also found a cute Chef Boyardee recipe box. I figured it was cuter than the plain black plastic box my recipes currently are in. The Restore gave me a couple outlet covers that will find a home in my kitchen redo. Only 50 cents each.

The best find was the speakers I finally found for a good price for the home 8 track system. The husband has to change out the connector wires. I hope it works. They are Soundesign speakers and the system is Soundesign. They look pretty good. They have a wood-esque exterior. They will look sweet with the 8 track system. I love it when a plan comes together.

Dang, I need to not take night photos. Horrible. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big City, Big Chicken

The husband was quite nice to try estate sale number two at Penny Farms Retirement Community. Last month we checked one out and I found yet another trivet at it. The lovely retirees had a sign up sheet to get a call about upcoming estate sales. I was ready. I even put it in the calendar in my phone. 2012 = me more organized. 

I was disappointed when the estate sale came up on the yard sale look up app. The retirees put the sale on Craigslist. Even with that I was hopeful. We woke up early and got to the sale right before it started. We were the second ones in the house. There was not much left. They had a list outside the door that only had a a handful of things crossed off. That list was misleading. When we walked in there wasn't much left. I walked around the rooms twice just to make sure. Nothing. I was sad. 

The husband was nice and stopped at an estate sale advertised on the side of the road. We found it way down the road. Although they did have 8 tracks we found nothing there. They did have a really cool old school beauty parlor seat. 

Similar, couldn't find anything close. Should have taken a photo. 

The Groupon number two that I purchased last year was about to expire this weekend. The husband and I had to make another trip to the big (land size mainly) city of Jacksonville. Groupon #2 was also for Miniature Golf.  Yes, we have an addiction. Plus the Groupons around here suck.

This time it was Lunar Miniature Golf. Yes, black lights and reflective paint. It took a while for my eyes to adjust. It was different than our usual miniature golf. I miss the giant animals. Plus most miniature golf I have been to have water around them. Not sure why. We had fun. I discovered black light shows stains I did not know were on my clothes.

After two rounds of my losing we were trying to figure out what to do.  We had lunch. The husband drove down the road saying I had to pick what we did. Well, we were dangerously closer to many thrift stores on Beach Blvd. I wanted to check out places we hadn't been to since last June. I wanted to see if they were still good finds there. 

I will not bore you with the break down. I found an old country record and a set of oven mitts for the mother in-law. The husband found a Ford Racing flag and a hat. I found another 70s plastic kitchen piece, a butter dish. At our last stop we found a projector screen. The husband said the ones we have been finding were too big. This one is 40 inches, it fold up and it is olive green. Of course I liked it. Plus the price was the lowest we've seen. 

I did notice that I saw some of the same things over and over. Like old Thermos. I saw about 4 of them. When I went online I saw that they are listed. Not that I want to diversify into thermoses. I like to look for trends. One store had such a long line I got to check out what everyone else was buying. Mainly it was clothes. I admit I like to check things out when I am not in the hunt. 

Overall it was a nice day out. I checked out a few places I had never been. We were good and didn't spend much. I ate a huge buffalo chicken sandwich. I tend to check them out whenever we go. So far no one has reached the level that the sandwich at Iron Thunder in Concord, NC. I am determined to send anyone who will listen to eat that buffalo chicken sandwich and tell me it is not the best and biggest sandwich ever. 

Now I am drooling thinking about it. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

My First Buy!

I finally sold something on Etsy. I just posted about waiting on a sale and a few hours ago my first sale. I am so excited. Now I wait for payment to clear and I ship.

The husband says I shouldn't have lowered the prices in the shop. I think the lower price got me a sale. It is all trial and error for me. I have read plenty of blogs and read plenty of tips.

Now to sell some books. That is really what has piled up around the house. There are two book shelves and 3 piles on the floor.

That also means that I am meeting my 12 in 2012 goals. Check that off the list on the next update.

Tupperware, 8 tracks & vintage recipes

Even with the complaints the husband wandered around thrifting with me on Saturday. I haven't been on an all day outing in a couple weeks, or so it seems. I wanted to check out some thrift stores I haven't been to and  one that I knew would have something I was interested in.

We wandered to the big city of Jacksonville. I wanted to check out The Thrift Center. I had read an article about an alleged incident there and it reminded me of wanting to check it out.

I didn't realize that many years ago (the late 90s) this was the thrift store I bought the dress I made into a fairy princess costume for Halloween. It was my first attempt at dressing the opposite of myself. I wore the bright pink dress that I had "bedazzled" with shiny stars and crinoline, plus wore wings. I wore it to work. People surprisingly did not say much about it. I kept that dress for years. I finally gave it away before we moved. I don't fit in it anymore. Plus I don;t see me wearing it to work where I work now. I am surprised I get away with wearing my Converse Chuck Taylor high tops every day.

Anyway, as soon as I got into the store I saw a huge stack of 8 track tapes in the far corner. The collection was the biggest I have seen. Whomever it came from really like swing, big band and the music from the 30s and 40s. Unfortunately that was not what I was looking for. I did find 11 tapes hat I took home. I found a bunch of Christmas music (like 6), a neat children's song tape and these cool Buick tapes (4). The husband told me they used to give 8 track tapes away with cars. They were all from the 1970s and were compilations. I found them quite interesting. Of course I start thinking of who the donor could have been - driving a Buick, listening to 8 track 40s music. Maybe it was a convertible. Was it a man or a woman?

I also found some more Tupperware containers. These were yellow and orange. Not sure what to do with them yet, but they were took cute to leave and only a couple bucks. Below are what the ones I already have look like. The second photo represents the colors of the new ones.

(care of

We went to the store we thought would have an 8 mm projector, MBK (My Brother's Keeper) in Jacksonville. They did have projectors, but we didn't get one. We are looking because the husband found some 8mm film he didn't know he had. The projectors we found had no price and the place was mobbed. I just starting looking for them a week ago. I will just keep my eyes peeled until I find the right deal. MBK is cool because they have a little of everything. I did find a Steve Martin stand up 8 track. When we got home we counted the 8 tracks. It will well past a normal collection number. I already have two cases to hold them and now need another one.

I did see Spiderman!

The husband was nice and we checked out the Betty Griffin House Thrift Store in Fruit Cove. I have never been there. It wasn't as good as the St Augustine location. Only half the size and half the cool stuff. I did find 5 more Better Homes & Gardens 1960s cookbooks. I tried again listing on ebay. I was a good girl and listed the cookbooks and some children's books I have been sitting on right away. We will see if they find a new home. 

The husband says I need to sell something to make it more than a hobby. I agree. I don't have that much I need for the house to and the nieces and nephew didn't get presents this Christmas, so I can't justify going out to thrift so often. Now with the Etsy shop open and people actually looking at it I have faith that someone will buy something. I lowered some prices this weekend. I am bound to have someone buy at least one thing to prove my items are buy-able. Wish me luck!

I will leave with this picture. This cracks me up. I am not to this point, only 7 containers in my arsenal. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 in 12 Update #1

Although I am not a fan of "resolutions" I do like goal. I wrote this post and I can say I have already accomplished some of my goals.

1. Lose weight - No log in yet. I have been sticking to keeping a food log/calorie counter with the app on my phone. Aside from the holidays I am staying within my calories. I haven't felt a change in weight yet, but I am proud of my sticking to the calories and keeping up with the log on my phone. 

2. Get to selling - I finally opened my shop on Etsy. No sales yet, but I am getting some peeks. I am proud of getting down to posting items, it did take forever. 

3. Pay off my mom - I am sending in monthly payments toward her funeral costs. My goal for payoff remains June. 

4. Put down flooring - We spent our vacation putting the laminate in the living and dining rooms, as well as the blue tile in the kitchen.laundry area. All that is left is the second bedroom and small bath. I am so excited about getting 3 rooms done in 3 days. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - Nothing yet on this one. I am looking for the color and possible paint deal. 

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - Floor is complete. The husband took down the cabinet in the laundry area and we decided to put two long shelves there. He will fix that shelf to put it in the spot for a smaller cabinet that he's already taken down. I know my paint color and estimated how many gallons I will need. Again I am looking for a paint deal, but will probably get the Valspar from Lowe's. 

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - The husband still has some work there. My goal is to get him to do it. 

8. Green it up - When we got the floor vents last week I picked up a small ivy plant. I already replanted it into another pot the husband brought home that was free! This one is definitely under way. I want to find some more planters and get something that can be hung. 

9. Take care of the finances - I am sending out another payment on this bill this week. On its way!

10. Do more, compute less - I read a book last week. We went on that road trip last week. We have been playing cards at the inlaws about every week. Keep it going!

11. Downsize - I started a new give away box. I went through a drawer in the kitchen and what was in the cabinet in the laundry area. We are working on this!

12. Sew something - During vacation I sewed a shirt, lounge pants and a stuffed animal. Not a new project, but it cleared out the sewing pile. Now to get to the crafty drawer and all that material.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I finally did it!

With all the accumulated thrifted items taking up my home I finally put items into my Etsy store. I had tried the other month posting a few items on ebay and no sales. I have been looking at Etsy for a while and bought a couple things. I figured my vintage items might sell better on Etsy.

I have had some looks, no sale yet. It is all wait and see now. But at least I finally did it. It took forever to post everything. I was worn out after hours. I have more to post on there, but the 21 I posted were the books and trivets that I have accumulated to sell.

So if anyone wants to check out what has caught my eye on my many adventures check out my shop. I don't want to make this blog all about the shop. I like writing about our weekend adventures more than being a marketer. I am not good about pushing products.

I can cross off my goal of selling once at least one item is sold. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Road Trip of the Year

After such a hard working week of vacation flooring, on Friday the husband took me on a road trip. I had been wanting to check out the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store in Live Oak, FL. Now after visiting two other of their 4 thrift stores I believe the Live Oak location is their best. I have been itching to go for weeks. Maybe it is because I read their deals online and want to see for myself.

It is a drive to Live Oak. We went all the way out there and they didn't have much. All those pre-Christmas sales must have whipped them out. There were a handful of old guys who looked like they hung out there regularly. I managed to find two 8 track tapes and an ornament. I really need to stop with the ornament. That should be my last one until closer to Christmas next year.

All thrifted ornaments and this is not nearly all of them.  

Then we wandered to Georgia. Somehow we wandered through small towns until we came to Valdosta. I was given the green light by the husband to search the phone for thrift stores. We found three on one small street and checked them all out. We found nothing. The first one was dark inside, the second was packed with junk and the third had a sign Enter at Your Own Risk for the upstairs. Of course we had to go. Getting up the old wooden ramp was easy. The lady said to watch our step. I looked down most of the time we were in the upstairs area that was the size of the entire building. The walk down the steps made me nervous. I could see all the holes in the boards on the way down. Obviously I survived.

We wandered on and found a cute country buffet to eat lunch. We checked out the Salvation Army (poor thing didn't have a thing). We went to the Goodwill where I saw the lovely Hank Williams Jr velvet painting I posted about. We attempted to find a few more thrifts that were listed on the phone's search, but none were at those addresses. Sometimes it is interesting just to search out the address with the help of the GPS lady who lives in the phone.

We wandered back by way of Lake City. My phone listed the Haven Hospice Thrift Store as permanently closed. I couldn't believe that, so I had to see for myself. It was still open and everything was 50% off. I managed to find two books. Awe shucks. I tried to put in a notification in my phone/gps/whatever it is to let them know the store isn't closed. I am getting almost as bad about this stuff as when I was obsessed with the street map when I worked delivery.