Monday, January 16, 2012

Tupperware, 8 tracks & vintage recipes

Even with the complaints the husband wandered around thrifting with me on Saturday. I haven't been on an all day outing in a couple weeks, or so it seems. I wanted to check out some thrift stores I haven't been to and  one that I knew would have something I was interested in.

We wandered to the big city of Jacksonville. I wanted to check out The Thrift Center. I had read an article about an alleged incident there and it reminded me of wanting to check it out.

I didn't realize that many years ago (the late 90s) this was the thrift store I bought the dress I made into a fairy princess costume for Halloween. It was my first attempt at dressing the opposite of myself. I wore the bright pink dress that I had "bedazzled" with shiny stars and crinoline, plus wore wings. I wore it to work. People surprisingly did not say much about it. I kept that dress for years. I finally gave it away before we moved. I don't fit in it anymore. Plus I don;t see me wearing it to work where I work now. I am surprised I get away with wearing my Converse Chuck Taylor high tops every day.

Anyway, as soon as I got into the store I saw a huge stack of 8 track tapes in the far corner. The collection was the biggest I have seen. Whomever it came from really like swing, big band and the music from the 30s and 40s. Unfortunately that was not what I was looking for. I did find 11 tapes hat I took home. I found a bunch of Christmas music (like 6), a neat children's song tape and these cool Buick tapes (4). The husband told me they used to give 8 track tapes away with cars. They were all from the 1970s and were compilations. I found them quite interesting. Of course I start thinking of who the donor could have been - driving a Buick, listening to 8 track 40s music. Maybe it was a convertible. Was it a man or a woman?

I also found some more Tupperware containers. These were yellow and orange. Not sure what to do with them yet, but they were took cute to leave and only a couple bucks. Below are what the ones I already have look like. The second photo represents the colors of the new ones.

(care of

We went to the store we thought would have an 8 mm projector, MBK (My Brother's Keeper) in Jacksonville. They did have projectors, but we didn't get one. We are looking because the husband found some 8mm film he didn't know he had. The projectors we found had no price and the place was mobbed. I just starting looking for them a week ago. I will just keep my eyes peeled until I find the right deal. MBK is cool because they have a little of everything. I did find a Steve Martin stand up 8 track. When we got home we counted the 8 tracks. It will well past a normal collection number. I already have two cases to hold them and now need another one.

I did see Spiderman!

The husband was nice and we checked out the Betty Griffin House Thrift Store in Fruit Cove. I have never been there. It wasn't as good as the St Augustine location. Only half the size and half the cool stuff. I did find 5 more Better Homes & Gardens 1960s cookbooks. I tried again listing on ebay. I was a good girl and listed the cookbooks and some children's books I have been sitting on right away. We will see if they find a new home. 

The husband says I need to sell something to make it more than a hobby. I agree. I don't have that much I need for the house to and the nieces and nephew didn't get presents this Christmas, so I can't justify going out to thrift so often. Now with the Etsy shop open and people actually looking at it I have faith that someone will buy something. I lowered some prices this weekend. I am bound to have someone buy at least one thing to prove my items are buy-able. Wish me luck!

I will leave with this picture. This cracks me up. I am not to this point, only 7 containers in my arsenal. 

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