Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big City, Big Chicken

The husband was quite nice to try estate sale number two at Penny Farms Retirement Community. Last month we checked one out and I found yet another trivet at it. The lovely retirees had a sign up sheet to get a call about upcoming estate sales. I was ready. I even put it in the calendar in my phone. 2012 = me more organized. 

I was disappointed when the estate sale came up on the yard sale look up app. The retirees put the sale on Craigslist. Even with that I was hopeful. We woke up early and got to the sale right before it started. We were the second ones in the house. There was not much left. They had a list outside the door that only had a a handful of things crossed off. That list was misleading. When we walked in there wasn't much left. I walked around the rooms twice just to make sure. Nothing. I was sad. 

The husband was nice and stopped at an estate sale advertised on the side of the road. We found it way down the road. Although they did have 8 tracks we found nothing there. They did have a really cool old school beauty parlor seat. 

Similar, couldn't find anything close. Should have taken a photo. 

The Groupon number two that I purchased last year was about to expire this weekend. The husband and I had to make another trip to the big (land size mainly) city of Jacksonville. Groupon #2 was also for Miniature Golf.  Yes, we have an addiction. Plus the Groupons around here suck.

This time it was Lunar Miniature Golf. Yes, black lights and reflective paint. It took a while for my eyes to adjust. It was different than our usual miniature golf. I miss the giant animals. Plus most miniature golf I have been to have water around them. Not sure why. We had fun. I discovered black light shows stains I did not know were on my clothes.

After two rounds of my losing we were trying to figure out what to do.  We had lunch. The husband drove down the road saying I had to pick what we did. Well, we were dangerously closer to many thrift stores on Beach Blvd. I wanted to check out places we hadn't been to since last June. I wanted to see if they were still good finds there. 

I will not bore you with the break down. I found an old country record and a set of oven mitts for the mother in-law. The husband found a Ford Racing flag and a hat. I found another 70s plastic kitchen piece, a butter dish. At our last stop we found a projector screen. The husband said the ones we have been finding were too big. This one is 40 inches, it fold up and it is olive green. Of course I liked it. Plus the price was the lowest we've seen. 

I did notice that I saw some of the same things over and over. Like old Thermos. I saw about 4 of them. When I went online I saw that they are listed. Not that I want to diversify into thermoses. I like to look for trends. One store had such a long line I got to check out what everyone else was buying. Mainly it was clothes. I admit I like to check things out when I am not in the hunt. 

Overall it was a nice day out. I checked out a few places I had never been. We were good and didn't spend much. I ate a huge buffalo chicken sandwich. I tend to check them out whenever we go. So far no one has reached the level that the sandwich at Iron Thunder in Concord, NC. I am determined to send anyone who will listen to eat that buffalo chicken sandwich and tell me it is not the best and biggest sandwich ever. 

Now I am drooling thinking about it. 

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