Sunday, January 1, 2012


It has been a hard work week and we have been on vacation. It started out with conning the husband into going to Lowe's to get floor vents for the flooring we were putting down. Ended up we got the wrong size. Lowe's only has one size/type that will fit in a mobile home floor. So getting the right size took conning him into another trip to return and get the correct one. I even splurged for a couple of vent covers so the dogs don't get their food down there.

Accord 4" x 8" Brown Mobile Home Louvered Floor RegisterAccord Adjustable Unfinished Louvered Floor Register
(Care of

After Christmas we spent two days putting down laminate flooring in the living and dining rooms. Prior to this we had been living with just plywood on the floors. I hated dealing with floors that would not get clean. It was torture. Well now I get to constantly sweep since I can now see every little thing on our lovely flooring.



Completed living room floor
Day two was the dining room...

Dining room before

Dining room midway

Dining room complete!

So as we finish the flooring the husband and his Dad say, Let's do the kitchen floor tomorrow. Ok, I was not prepared for doing tile I figured two days of work and the rest of the week for fun. It took a very long day to do the tile in the kitchen and laundry area. We did the laundry in green. 

We did the kitchen in blue. 

(Photos from, although both tiles were found at Habitat ReStores for a great deal.)

But as with the husband and father in-law, nothing is ever simple. So in between tiling they fixed holes in the walls, took down cabinets and we ended up re-patching an old patch  in the floor.

 Kitchen floor before...YUCK!

Husband took down the cabinet above the window. I got rid of those icky blinds. 

Patching the hole in the wall. 

The re-patch of the kitchen floor. So much better.

The laundry area is nearly complete. 

The kitchen halfway.

The painted floor vent looks sweet!

That was 4 days ago. Glue is still coming up from parts of the floor. They forgot they needed a roller to press down the tiles. I keep walking over the floor. I keep hoping it will finish oozing. It has me so frazzled. We have put most of the kitchen back together. We have cleaned off  the floor. I will be back to the good fight again tomorrow. 


  1. That is lotsa progress, well done! I didn't use a roller on my basement floor tiles and I have the same problem. I think the glue is just about done oozing through the cracks, so soon I'll get down and wipe/scrape it off with some mineral spirits and a razor blade. Ahh, the fun of home ownership.

  2. I know Uncle Atom. We did one wipe down of the whole floor. I haven't seen glue coming out in a couple days, so I guess I will be cleaning the floors again soon.