Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Road Trip of the Year

After such a hard working week of vacation flooring, on Friday the husband took me on a road trip. I had been wanting to check out the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store in Live Oak, FL. Now after visiting two other of their 4 thrift stores I believe the Live Oak location is their best. I have been itching to go for weeks. Maybe it is because I read their deals online and want to see for myself.

It is a drive to Live Oak. We went all the way out there and they didn't have much. All those pre-Christmas sales must have whipped them out. There were a handful of old guys who looked like they hung out there regularly. I managed to find two 8 track tapes and an ornament. I really need to stop with the ornament. That should be my last one until closer to Christmas next year.

All thrifted ornaments and this is not nearly all of them.  

Then we wandered to Georgia. Somehow we wandered through small towns until we came to Valdosta. I was given the green light by the husband to search the phone for thrift stores. We found three on one small street and checked them all out. We found nothing. The first one was dark inside, the second was packed with junk and the third had a sign Enter at Your Own Risk for the upstairs. Of course we had to go. Getting up the old wooden ramp was easy. The lady said to watch our step. I looked down most of the time we were in the upstairs area that was the size of the entire building. The walk down the steps made me nervous. I could see all the holes in the boards on the way down. Obviously I survived.

We wandered on and found a cute country buffet to eat lunch. We checked out the Salvation Army (poor thing didn't have a thing). We went to the Goodwill where I saw the lovely Hank Williams Jr velvet painting I posted about. We attempted to find a few more thrifts that were listed on the phone's search, but none were at those addresses. Sometimes it is interesting just to search out the address with the help of the GPS lady who lives in the phone.

We wandered back by way of Lake City. My phone listed the Haven Hospice Thrift Store as permanently closed. I couldn't believe that, so I had to see for myself. It was still open and everything was 50% off. I managed to find two books. Awe shucks. I tried to put in a notification in my phone/gps/whatever it is to let them know the store isn't closed. I am getting almost as bad about this stuff as when I was obsessed with the street map when I worked delivery.

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