Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the 3rd of july

I was dreaming of not going to work last night. I kept waking up. I felt icky when I woke up. I debated going in and leaving halfway thru. I got dressed. Then I sat down. It’s always over if I sit down. The dogs sure wanted me to stay. I don’t know how much I can get accomplished at work without having anyone come to the office. I am off tomorrow for the 4th. So I stayed home.

Then I thought, what am I going to do for two whole days? The husband is working nights, so he is asleep all day. The nephew is off with friends. I don’t have any major cleaning projects to do. The second bedroom is now occupied. I don’t think I want to take on the filing cabinet.

I pulled up the internet and caught up on my blog reading. I played a mind numbingly simple and stupid game. I turned on the TV and went for the retro stuff. I am watching a story about the people on The Facts of Life. I remember feeling like Natalie and wanting to be cool like Jo.

Then it got to be slim pickings on TV. It is only 11 am. Will I be forced to watch some of the DVR stuff or just delete more of the nephews many, many shows? I ended up watching my recorded old Drag U episodes.

I tried another version of my buffalo chicken sandwich. I crock potted the chicken in buffalo sauce yesterday, but it wasn’t buffalo enough. Last night it was dinner and I added buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. Today I put it on toast and added more sauce. Now that the container of chicken is not filled to the rim I added sauce to it. I hope it gets hotter as it sits.

I decided to read from the beginning the blog Say It Ain’t So. Have I mentioned that I love Rae’s blog? But so does so many. I love the many trips she takes, the great photos, her love of animals, her thriftiness and her & her husband are so dang cute.

Say It Ain't So

That made me think that we need to do way more trips. Right now the husband is on week one of six weeks of working overnights. That means he has only Saturday to travel/spent time with me. I went to roadfood.com and roadsideamerica.com to look for places in Florida. Day trips are the best. I saved some ideas. I reckon I need to dog harder for ideas for when I can’t find anything specific and the husband just wants to drive in one direction. Sometimes that turns out well. Other times it is like driving to nowhere.

Plenty of places to see and lots of places to eat. I am currently pretty broke. The AC is still dribbling out cool air. The husband bought one window AC unit and his Dad gave him the one we used a couple years ago at my house when the AC died. He should be putting them in the window today. I hope he wakes soon. I am bored and lonely L

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