Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Me!

It was a big day out yesterday for the birthday. The husband slept in since his work schedule (overnights) has him all out of whack. I wasn't feeling so great myself.

I wanted to go to Hamburger Mary's. Not too long ago one opened in Jacksonville. I figured the husband would like it since they have big burgers. We also tried the fried pickles, or as they call them, the Brittany Spears. They were great. The burgers were indeed big and tasty. The waitress was awesome. It was quiet in there even with it being a Saturday.

Since we were in Jacksonville we stopped at a couple thrift stores. As what seems to be the usual now, the husband found the most stuff. We were well behaved and only spent $6. He found another NASCAR car to resell. I believe this is number 4. He also found the cutest polar bear to go in his camo bedroom design, right next to the stuffed deer.

I found another interesting old game. Bowl and Score is a a dice game where you try to roll bowling pins. It was from 1974 and was too funny to pass up for $1.

We also purchased the final window AC unit for the living room. Now the house is too cold. The husband is loving it, since he loves to feel like he is in a meat locker. The dogs are in hibernation mode. We were able to turn off the limping along central AC unit and close all the vents. Now to see if the electric bill is better next month.

It was a nice day out. The husband was also ran errands with me on Friday. It was the most I will see him since he is out of town all week. I am not used to him being away. We have been together every day for years. Last week when he went out of town that was the first night we slept apart since we were married. This week he is gone all week. In a few weeks he is one for a week again. I am fortunate that this is one of the few times this should come up with his work.

The nephew has done better around the house since we had that "come to Jesus" meeting the other week. He has been cleaning around the house and applying for jobs. The husband is now seeing what I saw, the nephew's slacker ways and lack of motivation. He continues to stay up all night and sleep all day. Still no time frame on getting a job or moving out. The husband doesn't like time frames. The kid needs to get a job doing something, anything. He is gone this weekend, so I have enjoyed the break. It's like having a child around the house who can't do much on their own or make decisions. But he's an adult.

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