Saturday, July 21, 2012

12 in 2012 Update - Late again

Update #5

Somehow I forgot all about this in June, again. So much for me being on top of things.

1. Lose weight - Well, two pounds less than the last weigh in. I stalled on this one. I haven't been tracking what I eat in weeks and weeks. I did well this week by eating more fruits and vegetables. It was easier since the husband worked out of town. There was no rush to make dinner or pleasing others in what was cooked. It was actually a pleasure to cook. 

2. Get to selling - Etsy was a wash. All my items expired. I only sold a hand full of items. I have been seeing a little better on I have done even better on Ebay. Since the beginning of the year I have now sold a total of 50 items. Not bad for the novice. I think I like selling books the best - cheap to find (and I am selling off my years of collecting plus old textbooks) and easy to ship. Media mail is my friend. The husband is even in on the online selling. He keep finding deals and turning them around faster than I do. He is now 7 NASCAR cars deep in his biggest money maker. Of all my goal this is one I want to expand on. It paid for the last vacation and I hope it pays for the next. 

3. Pay off my mom - I had to work out a problem with my payments not showing on the invoices. Then my other aunt sent in a bunch of money. I am down to $300 owed. I am in the home stretch. Now I just have to pay it off and pick her cremains up myself or have a trusted family member do it since my other aunt is trying to cause more bills with her (solo) idea of putting the urn in the ground. I am just trying to keep to my mother's wishes. She wanted to be cremated. She wouldn't want us paying another $900 to open the ground to put in an urn. 

4. Put down flooring - Holding steady at 4 rooms. No new flooring on months. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - We sure have a lot of paint accumulated, but no painting yet. The nephew has taken over the room. I still plan on painting it what I want when we get to painting. 

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - The moving the cabinets idea has been replaced with building all new cabinets. Ten feet of cabinets, with doors. The added costs pushes this project back. But it gives me time to find the Plexiglas for the doors and handles. 

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - The husband cleaned out the bathroom turned shed completely right before the nephew came in May. It is now a boys bathroom, so I don't use it. 

8. Green it up - I am now up to 3 animal planters - the original rabbit (below) who is now pistachio colored, a silver lamb and a pistachio frog from 1978. They all have succulents and aloe. I also have another two plants. They all live by the kitchen window. I am deciding between a spider plant and a fern for the hanging plant I want to put into my orange macrame hanger. 

9. Take care of the finances - Well, as someone may have read on the previous post I completed the bankruptcy. I have a new bank account and I am starting the "paying myself first" plan. I also told the husband that I am not going to be the one who bails people out. I am on time with all my bills. 

10. Do more, compute less - I am still on the computer almost daily. Slow internet is keeping me from it some days. I actually didn't read email for a couple days and didn't know I sold a couple books. I need to check in to know if items sell, but I am reading more. 

11. Downsize - I have yet another box to give away. I am actually parting with some books that haven't sold. I need to make another sweep of the house. The husband thinks my asking for him to go through his drawers is actually a scheme to make him have less stuff. Poor thing. 

12. Sew something - I sewed a pair of pants last week. The husband says he has some things he wants to sew. If I would get off my duff I would be sewing some Christmas ornaments. I worry I don't know what I am doing. 

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