Sunday, August 7, 2011


Right now I feel like a walking zombie.

The husband decided to go to the Skyway Pier in Tampa on Saturday night to try some late night fishing on the world's longest pier. His dad heard about the pier and wanted to check it out. The husband is all about making his dad's wishes come true. He is a huge part of his life and didn't think he would live past 70.

So even against my better judgement to not mess with my sleep schedule... you know, going to sleep between 10 pm and 12 am on the weekends, as opposed to staying awake all night and not getting much sleep. I told the husband that I would go to sleep when I got too tired. I lasted until 3 something in the morning fishing. I actually slept in the chair. I don't want to think about how few hours I slept.

Yet we had a good time. It was a long drive to the pier. There were plenty of people there when we arrived around 11 pm. We set up and started getting bites right away. I was the first to catch something. A small fish. We all caught small fish. The husband caught 2 baby sharks which we released back to the waters. I hooked a sting ray. The husband tried to reel it in but it snapped the line. It was huge. I caught some sort of puffer looking fish. My father inlaw caught all sorts of hings, but they were all small.

Finally at sunrise the husband decided to pack it up. We took the long ride home. I slept a little when we got home, but not for long. I better get to bed early tonight so not to be miserable tomorrow. I feel exhausted, I just don't want to sleep too much and not sleep tonight. It was fun, but my system is all out of whack.

What I realized is that fishing can be even more fun than I thought. I can even trash talk while fishing. The husband and I pick on each other and act competitive. I haven't had luck fishing before. Even though we left with no fish I caught some. I would like to keep trying and catch a keeper.

I also read the history about the current Skyway Bridge and the former bridge that is now the pier. A lot of death there. It was a creepy place at night. The waters were dark, the moon was half full. If I stayed awake any longer I would have hallucinated something in the waters.

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