Sunday, April 7, 2013

We didn't leave the zipcode

The past two weekends we went low key.

Last weekend we mailed off the 4th sale for the week at the post office. That 2 hour window on a Saturday is so exciting.

Then we had our dollar menu breakfast.

We checked out an hit or miss thrift in town. The husband found The Simpsons video game.

We went to my favorite town thrift. The stock is down, but word in the store was that they are moving. Thank goodness. I saw the For Rent sign and thought they were closing. I found a few books. I had to look since the book prices are slashed. The husband found a truck bug deflector and the lady said it would be a dollar. At the register somehow my 6 books were $1. How can you beat that.

We checked another newer thrift that we haven't found anything at. The husband found a NASCAR flag. luckily it was half off since even the half price cost was $4. The husband finds so much more than I do.

This is what we left behind.

I see a trend of yellow.

Then we went to the in-laws. I checked out his latest projects. The mother in-law had us watching bridal gown and kitten TV shows.

We ate dinner leisurely.

We went to Walmart to stock up on milk etc. That is a small town Saturday night.

For Easter the husband had invited his parents over for his favorite ham. He cooked a cake with sprinkles.

It is always a good day when the husband does all the cooking and cleans the bathroom.

This weekend we passed on hanging out with friends. I think I am in an anti-social phase. I took a half day at work on Friday. We did grocery shopping and visited the in-laws. I also went to the usually disappointing Goodwill in town. The husband found two hats. I found nothing.

The only interesting object - Unicorn we passed up

Saturday we slept in. We dragged ourselves out for lunch at Wendy's. The husband said he had a call for the Baconator. I tried it. Eh, it was okay. I still stick with the spicy chicken - the best thing they have going.

We wandered around town. We went to the American Legion sale. I scored a cool trivet and an old book all for a dollar.


We drove the country roads. Then we checked out my favorite local thrift, The ARC Thrift Store. I found a few books. They are trying to get rid of inventory before they move in June and the prices are dirt cheap. The lady told us where they were moving but even though the husband has been living here for 8 years we didn't know where she was referring to. Oh well, we will figure it out when they move. They said the new location will have air conditioning in the whole building, nit just half like the current building.

Then we went home and just hung out. I did get the laundry done since we are at the in-laws today for dinner. The husband made pizza. He made the dough from scratch. He is getting good at making dough. I told him he needs to expand to breads from scratch next. He complained I am suggesting more work for him.

Today I was taking advantage of free listing on ebay. I am switching as many books over to ebay since hasn't been panning out and I have had some books listed on there for over a year. 

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