Saturday, December 24, 2011

Capitalism at work

We went out yesterday to get a few supplies since I dare not go out on Christmas eve with all the possible people it may bring. We had to get new air vents to go with the flooring we are putting in next week while on vacation. We couldn't go until late morning after the husband was off work. It started out okay going to Lowe's for the vent covers. It was when we got out on the road that we hit traffic and tins of people everywhere else we went. I wanted to just walk around a book store, but there was absolutely no parking. I am glad I didn't have to shop for presents.

I let the husband off the hook and didn't ask to go to any thrift stores today. While we were looking for parking spots I reminded him that they don't seem to run out of parking at thrift stores. It has felt good to not shop for presents like I normally do. It usually a rush to get the sizes for clothes by Thanksgiving, catch deals by mid December and have it packed and shipped. If I can swing gifts for next year I am definitely buying from the thrift stores. I don't check out clothes much since we have enough to fill the closet. Buying a little throughout the year or starting in June I am sure I can get a lot for much less than I've got in past years in retail stores. The husband thinks the children don't need to get anything since they don't say thank you.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas. We are keeping it simple. So simple that we are having sandwiches for Christmas dinner. Yum! 


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I'm not much of a Christmas Eve shopper either. Although, I do find it difficult to pass by a thrift store without going in at all times! And, for dinner, we had, leftovers from Christmas Breakfast. Talk about simple. French Toast for Christmas Dinner, albeit, stuffed with marscapone and strawberries, was indeed simply delicious!

    Thanks for sharing And, Happy New Year!!!

    I see you live in Florida. Have you ever visited, Gone-Ta-Pot. Pam lives in Florida too!!!

  2. Louise, Thanks! I will definitely check her out.

  3. Thanks so much for adding me to the blogs you follow. I lost a big chunk of my first blog when I erased all the pictures by accident at Picasa! It's a miracle I've figured out how to do this all but I really enjoy writing down my thoughts. I always say it "quiets the voices in my head!" Come visit often, and if you'd like to join our recipe group we're on Facebook as Granny Mountain Group. Happy New Year!