Sunday, April 14, 2013

By Tuesday - This Week Part 1

This was an interesting week. A long, interesting week.

I figured since I tend to ramble on I would break up this week's long post into 3 parts...

Part 1:

I had already agreed that the next time the husband called in I would stay home with him. So he awoke Tuesday saying my screaming in my sleep and the white dog repeatedly trying to jump in the bed caused him to get no sleep.

In my defense I was sleeping badly as well and I had a dream where I was yelling at people. I dreamt about work.

What did we do with the day at home. Well, the husband decided it was a good time to shave the dogs. We have 4 dogs. Two have short hair, one had medium length that he shaves every year and number four's body is half hair. I have been saying in the last few years that I would break down and pay for someone to groom. As usual I do not follow through. What do I know about where to go or how much it costs. The husband knows that, so he just gets it done.

Halfway through the dogs the clippers died. The husband and I took the obligatory trip to Walmart. We looked at the options. We decided since this was an investment and I was spending on clippers what I would have on grooming I might as well not be cheap. I bought the mid range dog trimmers that said they had a quieter motor (the little dog kept trying to bite the old set). The husband bought a new set for his own whiskers. He also decided not to be cheap and went with the mid priced option that came with a smaller clipper that runs on batteries, along with the big corded model.

We finished off the dogs. The little dog looks so different. During the winter she is a mop with eyes. In the summer she is half the dog. Yet she is always feisty and mouthy.



That day I happened to be able to answer my phone when someone called to ask for an interview. In the last weeks I started applying for jobs. I am ready to get out of where I am and they are probably going to privatize, so I want to give myself options. I scheduled the interview for Friday when I was already taking a half day. I was excited to get an interview.

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