Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This week Part 2: Friday

By Friday I was finishing up with what was leftover from missing a day during the week - paperwork etc. I won't bore anyone with the details. Work isn't very glamorous.

I went to the interview at 1 pm. I had applied to two jobs at the same location and I didn't know which I was interviewing for. It ended up being the lower pay position. Awe shucks. Although I think I did well on the questions since it is much like the job I already have I couldn't possibly take the position. It is 14 thousand dollars less than what I make now.

The interviewers were nice and I found out more about the location. I felt like I did waste time I could have been doing my actual work, but at least I finally had an interview. I haven't interviewed in a few years.

So, in order to help with my slightly bummed mood I decided to go to a couple estate sales. I received the call about the upcoming sale and was excited because it was to be 4 families at two house around the corner from each other. It was also at one of my favorite retirement community - Penney Farms.

The husband had to work all day Friday so I was on my own. I got to the sale about 1 1/2 hours into the sale. There were some people there. When I went inside the first house there wasn't much there. The books were all not my type. I found a glass container that matched my other containers.

At the second sale there wasn't much. I did find a few books at 25 cents apiece. Oh well, at least I went to the sale. Came, saw, left with a few things.

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