Thursday, April 18, 2013

This week Part 3: Last Saturday

Last Saturday we had plans to go to a car show in Lake City with the father in-law.

We stopped by a fundraiser yard sale in Lake Butler. The father in-law, or I should say, New Farmer, found 50 cent tomato plants. The husband found super cheap truck steps. They have the mojo. I found nothing.

It was smaller than the last car show, but had some different cars.

I managed to talk the husband into going a bit further down the road to Live Oak to the Sheriff''s Boys Ranch Thrift Store. I like this thrift store because you never know what they will have and the prices are great.

The father in-law had said an hour earlier that he needed to find suspenders. Low and behold what did we find at the store but bright red suspenders. Plus they were 25 cents. How does he do that? I was hoping for rainbow suspenders like Mork from Ork, but no luck. I will keep looking.

The father in law also found a picture frame in the rectangle shape he has been looking for. Nut I finally found something at the back of the store - a $5 bicycle. We had talked about looking for a bicycle for me since the husband already has one. We could bike around where we live or take them out to one of the MANY parks in Florida.

They had a mess of bikes that ranged from $5 to $15. They all needed some TLC. I found one I liked and asked the husband to check them out. I wandered the store. The husband picked out a better bike for me that was still $5. He knew I wanted just a basic cruiser. I don't know how to shift gears and well, I am a basic woman with simple needs.

It could like this in the future. 

We researched the bicycle and it normally sells new for over 100 dollars. The husband said he could paint it and already was planning a candy paint job. I looked up new tires, seat covers and handle bar grips. It looks like it will not cost too much to get the bike a new life.

Saturday night we went to the husband's work friend's cook out. A couple years ago she needed a ramp built and the husband, the father in-law and I built her one. The husband fronted her the materials. She paid him back for every penny. It's been a while since we had been to her house and we were impressed with what she had done to the place. The yard was even better and had even more plants. She took me on a tour of what she had done to the kitchen - paint, refinishing cabinets etc. It was nice to see how much better she was doing all around. She was happy to have people over.

Although the week had a disappointing Friday I am back at excited. I may not find a different one, but I make the most of the one I have. I may not get the student loan repayment program this year but I will keep trying for that and/or a better job. I know I am a good worker and the monthly reports prove I do more than the average person. Plus once my bike is done I can just bicycle my troubles away.

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