Sunday, September 23, 2012


I did something different this weekend. I actually hung out with friends. These friends were met through work, but no longer work there. We watch their dog when they go out of town. We made a deal that in exchange for pet sitting they feed us. We last dog sat in May, but are just now getting together. Busy lives I guess. Plus you sometimes have to book myself and the husband ahead of time.

This time the friends said, why don’t you come over and we will grill some steaks. Okay. I am always up for food. The husband has beers with them. We swap stories. I update them on work antics. Come to find out we have had some similar pursuits. The newest retiree has been helping people move and go through their possessions. They are going to build a shed for the lawn mower etc. that take up the garage and put a pool table and poker table in there. The husband’s ears perked up at that. He is all about poker paraphernalia and pool. If they build a bowling alley he will never leave their home.

The retiree also has been talking about getting a private investigator license. Then the husband can pair up to do repos. He used to do that and so did his father. He really liked it. I know, an odd boy. The retiree has been reading what I post online about thrifting and is very interested. Of course the husband went on and on about all of his great deals and reselling accomplishments. I told them after vacation next month (which all my savings is going towards right now) I want to invest more into the reselling and get more serious. I finally hit 60 sales this year, but that was hit and miss. I have been trying to get rid of what I already had rather than getting more stuff just to sell. I read blog after blog. I try to list what I have on several sites for sale. I am just not getting very far, as far as I think. But if I average the sales that is almost 7 per month. Not bad for a newbie. 

I know, it is a slow road. I think if I try to find deals to flip for sale I would increase sales. The stuff that hasn’t been selling for months may need to hit the giveaway box. Plus I think that confidence and perseverance should go a long way. I mean, I totally turned the husband into a prolificator of all that is thrift and I am working on his future love of antiquing. He talks so well about thrifting and deals people think he has a store. He even has a name for it. The guy is thinking big.

I was planning on putting out more Halloween decorations today. Somehow I have been noodling around online and not much of anything else (but laundry). The husband sleep until noon. I feel like a bum. The kitchen is reasonably clean. The dishes are washed. The dining table is mostly clear. The autumn leaves candle has lulled me into submission. The plants are watered. The pets are fed. I guess I am in supreme lazy mode. 

I did manage to get some grocery shopping in this weekend. Yet it always seems like there is nothing I want to eat when I am being a bum at home. I splurged and bought myself a big ole pumpkin. The last couple years I haven't gotten one. It seems frivolous. I love fall and Halloween. My pumpkin is siting on the dining room table. Not a bad deal for $3.88 at Walmart. 

Here is a find that I don't think I posted from the other week. The husband cleaned it up and fixed it to hang on my wall of stitchery. I blame blogs for that wall. I saw such cute pictures on other blogs and started seeing them in stores so I started buying. The husband knows I will fill up the wall if I can. At least now it is eclectic with a house, flowers and multiple animals.

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