Saturday, September 15, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I was lazy all week and didn't post last week's post due to not adding pictures. Here is what I wrote on 9/10/11...

It was a wandering Saturday again. I read about a flea market and some yard sales in High Springs so we headed that way. I rarely go to that little town. It is a little yuppie-ish and filled with little shops and antique stores.

First the flea market was not at the address listed. We managed to find it down the road on SR 441 in a storage unit. place. We looked around. We didn't find anything. I did see a very cool, but low to the ground MCM table that I eyeballed, but didn't bother asking the price.

We wandered around looking for the yard sales. No luck there. We stopped at a Hospice thrift. No luck there. We went to Newberry to check out a thrift I saw when I took the long drive to Bronson last month. Nothing there.

We had a discussion in how I think that we should check out antique stores. The husband is totally against them. He thinks that they are all over priced. I think that we need to check them out because A) we like old stuff and B) we did have luck at an antique store in Tallahassee and C) you can't assume that the prices will be high. We even find thrifts with high prices.

Now this is the proper tub planter. Mine doesn't have feet. 

So we saw a quilt/antique store. We wandered around the low and behold the husband found a couple things he liked. We didn't buy anything, but I proved my point. Maybe now I can get the husband to check out more antique stores. I read all these blogs and feel like I am missing out on something by not going to antique stores.

We wandered to Trenton. The husband says a country singer Easton Corbin comes from there. I don't recall going there before.

It was lunch time. I searched my phone for places to eat. The Cracker Box came up. It was a very nice, mostly fish place. The waitress was so nice. They gave a ton of food. The husband loved his catfish. I was stuffed with fried shrimp. We waddled out.

And what was across the street but a thrift store. You know we had to check it out. The husband found something on the front porch right away. The store was in an old house, but the people said that they were moving soon. Of course we will have to be back. I was halfway through the store when the husband came in and asked how much they wanted for the find. Then he told me he found an 8 mm projector just like the one we found in Tallahassee, but with the cover. Plus they wanted $5.

Now we have "twins." Two Revere 85 projectors, one with the cover. 

My free chairs. They are so cute. 

We also saw two old chairs by the trash. The people said sure, take them. Yes, they were falling apart and need to be recovered, but the meat of the chairs - the metal was in great shape. I see the husband helping me fix it up. Plus they were FREE.

The husband and I hit a few other thrifts between there and Gainesville. I also brought home a book and a pumpkin bell. We had a good time wandering the countryside. I like the ride. We only spent like $6.50 on finds. It is still fun searching. I think the husband has gotten more into it then he will admit.

On Sunday the husband was resting because he had hurt his back at work and was still sore. I did manage to do some major cleaning. The give away box is full. There are two bags of clothes and a blanket. It is definitely time to get that out of the house. I moved the give aways and stuff we are trying to sell in the second bedroom. I was planning what to finally do with it since the nephew is out of there. I had a plan before he came, but I changed it.

The new plan is a shelf all around near the top to hold all the cars, toys and games. It won't cost much. I can get rid of the two tall shelves and the 3 odd little ones I got last year at IKEA. Then there is so much floor space. The husband's fooseball table can fit, plus the small bed and my chair. I am so excited. It will look 100% better. I have to get on this.

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