Saturday, September 15, 2012


Trying a less wordy post. I made an effort to take more pictures of cool stuff. I only bought one thing...

We wandered the countryside after dropping off my two bags and two boxes to a local thrift store. We were on our way to a thrift store in another town when we drove by the Webb's Antique Mall in Lake City, FL and turned around to check it out. 

Look at all those radios. 

I love old TVs. I could have a room full if the husband didn't have a monster sized TV in the living room. 

Mayor McCheese. I call a guy at work that. He doesn't find it as humorous as I do. 

Another guy is the Hamburgler. He doesn't find it funny. It must be the life sentence. 

Ah, an old fan. So want one. 

I love the old lab chairs. The billiard balls are cool too. But yet, no pool table would fit in my little house. 

I see sets like this on blogs all the time. $65 for a full set would be a deal. Maybe another day. 

Wall of projectors, or as I call it, Projector Porn

I saw a bunch of different doll houses there. They are so cute. 

This one was a painting someone did. It reminded me of my friend. 

Wall of radios. Radio Porn. 

I somehow have to take photos of mannaquins. This one looks like she has some medical condition. 

I was tempted by this paint by number. I want one. I pass them up and then wonder if I should have jumped on it. 

This dog painting was just too funny to not photograph. 

I want this in my yard. It made us want a Frosty. Then there was a guy yelling about spilling coffee on himself and calling 911. Really???

I got this from the craft fair/yard sale in town. It needs some cleaning up. Too cute to pass up. 

The husband bought this. He has stopped buying so many poker chips. This was from the Teaching Farm. They had to stop doing yard sales at their place due to insurance prices. They are neat folks. 

The husband's antique mall find. An ammo case. He said he always wanted one. He wants to put it in his camo truck. He is a little fixated on camo. 

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