Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Update on 12 in 2012

Update #3

1. Lose weight -  I lost 12 pounds thus far that I know of. I haven't weighed myself since the last update. I did get a size smaller jeans. And my underwear falls down at times. 

2. Get to selling - Selling on Etsy, and ebay. I have sold 12 items since the beginning of the year. I have vintage National Geographics, books and kitchen stuff on Etsy. I have a bunch of books on I put thirty some 8 track tapes on ebay today. I sold one in less than an hour from posting. I am currently adding more books on I want to move the piles of books out more than anything else. 

3. Pay off my mom - Still sending in payments. The tax refund only covered my property taxes. I am not sure if we will make the goal of June for pay off. I haven't heard from any family about them sending in money.  She will be paid off. I shouldn't kick myself if it isn't by June. 

4. Put down flooring - Floor in 3 out of the 5 rooms that we have flooring for. No plans yet as to when the other rooms will be tackled. I want to do other projects first. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - No paint yet. Still not sure of the color.  I told the husband to keep a look out for mistake paint to catch a deal. I wanted to get some free paint from Ace Hardware, but he said their paint sucks. Free is still free. He thinks it will peel. I better get to looking for mistake paint. I am very open to colors except for the freaky pinks and purples.

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - Tile floor done. Clock up. Still need to move the cabinets. Still need to paint. Put out all the tupperware containers and the new rabbit planter. It looks sweet whenever the dishes are not piled on the counter.

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - Somehow the husband still has some trash in there. He also needs to clean it. Hmmm. This one has gone on far too long. I need to get onto him. 

8. Green it up - Now up to 3 plants inside. I think the cold weather is over. I need to plant my wildflower seeds in the wheelbarrow I had plants in last year that all died. I also have the tub that the tomato plants died in. I need more life at home. The painted rabbit planter looks good. I just need to take photos. 

9. Take care of the finances - Still making payments. The husband had a past bill come up that they are making him pay on. That slows everything down. But we are keeping at least our heads above water. 

10. Do more, compute less - I have read 3 books. I have read plenty of free magazines that my surveys got me. Some are better than others. The husband and I keep going on weekend adventures. I have been baking more. We play poker about every week at the in-laws. Sometimes we play Yatzee. 

11. Downsize - I gave away a box of items. The giveaway box always finds more things. I cleaned up the second bedroom and organized the closet. It has come a long way. The mother in law had her yard sale and it was nice to see my old stuff go away, I mean find new homes. I continue to downsize my books and my thrifted books. I don't feel as attached to them since they just sit there. This is definitely one of the ongoing projects.

12. Sew something - I did sew some clothes. I have a new pile of darning waiting for me. My bag of cloth is getting bigger. I have a new pile of clothing to mend. I just washed them since they had been sitting around and getting musty. Next they will go next to the bed and get fixed. 

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