Monday, March 12, 2012


It has been a week of me thinking. Mainly reevaluating. At work, at home, for the future. Yep, it’s been a deep week.

I tend to re-evaluate work periodically anyway. It seems that there is always a shift in the way things runs or who I work with. This week I have been thinking about my own work. The week started with a couple days of training. I was able to read 2 books while there. I haven’t been reading more than magazines for a long time. It felt good to be a dork who stays up late to finish a book in order to look up what Slaughterhouse Five was talking about.

I evaluated how I do my job. Am I just seeing people and keeping up with what the minimum is or am I putting in more to help people? I am trying to do more deep in depth, emotional stuff. Well, for those who are willing. I try to do what I can with time contraints. I am running two groups. I am not taking my whole lunch because of paperwork and the groups. This I don’t mind if it is helping.

I sometimes wish I had a job that came with a finished product. It was so much easier when I worked at the pizza place. After all the work there was a product that people enjoyed. These days I have to look for the occasional moment that lets me know that something is working, something is getting through.  

At home I am evaluating what is in the house. The mother in law finally had a yard sale (over 2 years since the last one). She made some money. I had a couple ladies who were willing to take me with them to an estate sale. I was just thinking how I need some thrift/estate sale pals so the husband can get a break.  I stayed at the yard sale working on my displays on the tables.  It was fun to get more creative. The Christmas ornaments sold after I did a display.

After last week’s argument with the husband about his tools and organizing stuff, I have been trying to look at more things to pair down. I am not selling all that much online. I think I had 12 sales since 1/2/12. The piles of books in the hallway doesn’t seem to dwindle. I need a better way of organizing since both shelves are completely filled even before I started attemoting to resell books.

I was proud of myself yesterday. I had called in on working the yard sale (stomach hurt plus I knew that a Sunday sale would not be busy around here). I had a huge mess in the kitchen to clean since I made soup and cookies the other day. Since I was cleaning up I looked at some of the things on the counter. I managed to pull out a couple Tupperware canisters I had bought not long ago but were sitting in the pantry unused. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the one that came in a set with no lid. Maybe the husband’s tools etc could live in it without a lid. 

Then today I got super domestic and made zucchini bread. he husband doesn't eat it so it is all mine. Sometimes I scare myself when I get into cooking. 

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