Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the Theme of Nell

I finally tackled the second bedroom and closet today. I pulled all the tools out of the closet and got into a fight with the husband. I think he has a problem with organization. After we went through all the stuff that he had spread all over that closet everything got a home - screws and nails in separate containers, all the tools in a container... It seemed like a lot less stuff. He still won't admit how awesome it is, but I know it is. He will be able to find things and not throw a fit. I am sure there is a better way to store it all, but this is a huge leap from when he turned the second bathroom into a shed.

I was able to clean off the bed and find everything on there a home. I am still working on getting a container for the last few drawers on that monster bureau in that bedroom. That thing is huge and I have had it for 12 years now. I never liked the thing. I plan on getting everything out of it and probably donating it. The only thing is that there are several things that are stored on top of it. I need to come up with a plan for that.

I am wanting to move a few things around in that room once the monster bureau is gone. The second bedroom is now home to my first office chair purchase. The husband and I wandered yesterday out to the Sheriff's Ranch Thrift Store. It end up being customer appreciation day and everything was 50% off. I brought home 3 more 8 tracks, 6 books and then I saw that chair. It is the cutest beige office chair. It was marked $25, but with 50% off it was just my price, $12.50. The husband fussed about carrying it to the car. It fit in the back with the back seat down. It was meant to be. I only found one slight stain on the side. Otherwise it is in good condition. It has a metal tag from a chemical company.

I told you it was cute. 

We also went by the local fundraiser for Relay for Life. We ate, drank and even yard saled there. The husband found a golf swing practice contraption. I found a few classic books for 10 cents a piece.

I also found the cutest rabbit planter. I swear reading bogs puts these ideas in my head (and etsy). This makes plant #3 in the house. I plan to paint it green to go in the kitchen. We went by Lowe's and I found an aloe plant to put into it after its painted. The husband has been bust with all my repainting ideas.

During our wandering we wandered to Branford. I had never been there before. We pulled into a place called Nell's Restaurant. We were bad and it was a buffet. The fried chicken was good. The husband pestered me into buying him the homemade peanut brittle they were selling for a church at the register.

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We finally got to check out the thrift store in Fort White. It was a lot fancier than I expected from such a small town. I found yet another set of car themed curtains - Monster trucks this time. I also found a cute 70s plastic napkin holder.

The husband found the deal of the day... a $10 jigsaw. He said his dad's just died and they needed one. He always finds the best deals on tools. Yet he still makes comments on our many thrift outings. One day I will find a thrifting friend and they will go to stores with me while he fishes or works on cars.

Speaking of fishing... the husband and his Dad finally caught some fish. They went 2 hours away to a lake his friend said was great for fishing. They caught 3 bass. We had them for Friday night dinner at the in-laws. They were so happy to catch something and had a great time doing it. The husband fell in the lake too. He had a good sense of humor about it. He said he found out for sure that his phone is waterproof.

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