Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have been meaning to post the bunny planter makeover by the husband. He is my personal painter. I am even expanding my colors. I bought aluminum colored spray paint and glow in the dark the other day. Something in the yard is getting a makeover

Of course the bunny got the standard pistachio that is all over my kitchen.

Bunny before:

Bunny After:

The husband felt the bunny needed his eyes colored in. He now thinks the bunny has an evil look and he wants to put a little white in the eye.

Also in the pistachio line up....

Retro trivet

This one was in rough shape when we got it and the metal was yellow.

Pen holder

I have had this forever. The blue parts are really for photos. I took out the very outdated niece's school photos and replaced them with paint sample cards. An interesting recycle and it goes with the blue and green kitchen. We need a pen holder since I switched the catch all that held bills, mail, checkbooks and pens with an old mail holder. This was originally white but was looking beaten down from years of wear.

Utensil Holder

This is another one I have had for years. It was white too. I bought this and the pen holder separately, but I liked how they had a similar look. Now they live at opposite ends of the kitchen instead of separate rooms. 

I told the husband I was doing a post about his paint makeovers. He said I needed to show his non-pistachio projects. Photo of the thrifted 1974 stitch picture before:


He painted the frame brown on another poster but I don't have a picture of that. 

The husband surprised me this week with a can of blue paint. I have bugged him about checking the "mistake" paint for the colors we are looking for. Now that we have the blue for the kitchen I have a feeling that step in the kitchen redo will be happening before long. Yeah!

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