Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I am most proud of...

I thought it was a cute way to sum up some highlights of 2011 in a positive note, since I try daily to stay positive in a negative world. 

Here is my 12 positive things for 2011:

Four things I did right
1. Stopped talking to the drama queen/princess at work before I was sucked in like previous coworkers
2. Got my license
3. Put family first
4. Paperwork - we passed the audit and I got kudos

Four things about me that just rock
5. I'm funny
6. I work hard
7. I am creative
8. I care

Four things I did for myself
9. Recruited my supervisor
10. Started getting healthier
11. Thrifting - it is my new hobby
12. Got serious on improving the house

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