Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 in 2012

I read way too many blogs and this one keeps coming up. I have never been a new years resolution person. If I make a goal it is not just a new years thing. Since I haven't renewed my goals in a while I figured I would give this a try. So here goes...

1. Lose weight - I am not giving myself an amount, just to lose something to start. The husband and I recently started using a calorie counter app and he has gotten serious about making healthy changes with a few medical things that have come up. I know I need to be healthier and think about what I eat. He is doing great on limiting calories. I am doing okay. I could always do better. So this is a very realistic and healthy goal. 

2. Get to selling - I put a few things on ebay this month and besides a few looks I sold nothing. I have been reading blogs and getting plenty of tips, I need to apply them. I have plenty of items to sell so doing it is what I need to accomplish. I have too much stuff in the house and I think I can make a few bucks off my finds. 

3. Pay off my mom - This sounds stranger than it is. My mother died this year and was cremated, as she requested. My oldest aunt put some money towards the bill, but there is still a lot owed. I started making monthly payments. I have until June to bail her cremains out. June we are going up north for my oldest niece's graduation (the first graduation in a long time). I want to be paid off my then so we can pick her up on the trip. My siblings have offered to pay towards it, but I can't depend on either one following through. 

4. Put down flooring - This one should be one of the easiest to accomplish. I already have all the laminate and tile flooring for the dining room, living room, 2nd bedroom and kitchen. We are starting after Christmas to put down the laminate flooring in the living and dining room. I cannot wait. Since we moved last year I have detested the plywood that is never clean. I deserve flooring. Plus all the flooring was found on deals. 


5. Paint 2nd bedroom - This room is a mess. It has been mainly a storage room until a few months back when I finally dragged the storage boxes to the shed. It now has the bed (although currently covered with thing) and decor. It is our car/toy room. We have a large collection of matchbox type cars plus several other toy collections. It still stores plenty of things, but in the dresser or closet mostly. It is in desperate need of paint. 

6. Paint and try to start redo on the kitchen - I have had the flooring and color choices for the kitchen for the better part of a year. The blue industrial tile and green accent pieces are just what I want. After we put down the tile I am repainting the cabinets white (that need to be replaced one day) and painting the back wall of all of them blue. I am still debating if I want the wall behind the fridge and freezer painted blue. I think it would look neat. Since I can't afford new cabinets I will take paint and tile. Besides needing new cabinets I also want to tear some down and move the sink and dishwasher. I want a lot. Eventually I will get it. 

7. Get the shed out of the 2nd bath - The husband has taken the second bathroom over for his tools and whatnot. I cleared out some weeks back, but there are still things on the floor and in the tub. I dare not go in there. It is a mess. The second bathroom wouldn't be used a lot, but it would be nice to have. 

8. Green it up - I definitely need some more greenery in the house. I planted some in the yard last year, but more would be lovely. The experiment with tomato plants did not work. We need to try different veggies and more flowers. I still have the tub planter to fill up. 

9. Take care of the finances - I want to deal with another big bill. I am further along with that than the cremains. 2012 is the year of financial freedom!

10. Do more, compute less - This is something I have struggled with. The computer has been my go to thing to do. I read news online. I look up anything that crosses my mind. I look for places to go and things to do online. I need to read more, go more places and do something other than sitting at a computer. This a great goal and I am sure the husband would agree. 


When doing my update I realized I cheated and only did 10 goals. Now I have to come up with 2 more. 

11. Downsize - Like most people I have more than I should have in my house. I thought I got rid of a lot before we moved. We moved using pick up trucks but it still seemed like a lot. I have a lot of books. I want to downsize the books. I want to clear out drawers and clean up the closets. 

12. Sew something - Sure I darn holes in clothes. I only have needles and a few colors of thread. I have been accumulating material, even stuffing. I have been meaning to do some projects. I want to do something with what I already have. Use it or lose it should be this year's theme. 

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