Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Lights

The husband made sure I got my fix of Christmas lights early this year. I am good at finding things to do, but am not always good about the follow through. So this year he said let's go on the first night of the 4 million lights touted at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park.

11016 Lillian Saunders Drive
White Springs, FL  32096

We went out to dinner with the in-laws and then off to the Festival of Lights. Since the husband has a bum knee and the mother in-law has had bum knees, we just drove through. I told the husband that next year if his knee if fixed we need to walk around the place. The people and parked cars impeded the view at times. It was beautiful. I wish I had that many tights to wrap around trees. We have lots of bog trees in my yard. The electric bill would kill me though.

Not the best photos since we were moving. They offered a deal on the first night that if you brought a gift you got in free. Normally it is $2 a person. Still a great deal compared to commercial light thing I have been to in the past. 

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