Sunday, October 2, 2011


I love this time of year. Fall weather is when it cools off. It takes a while for the leaves to change around here, so I envy those up north. October is the month of Halloween. I love Halloween. The decorations... the skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, monsters. The creepy and the scary. Dressing up as anyone you wish. I haven't dressed up in a couple years, but I could whip something up in a moments notice.

Years ago I dressed in a bright pink dress I found at a thrift store and added wings. I wanted to dress as the opposite from who I was. I wore the costume to work. There were a few comments but it was very funny. The dress was Pepito-bismol pink. I added rhinestones. I had a wand. It was so much fun.

A couple years ago the husband and I went to his friend's Halloween party. I dressed as a doctor. This was the second time I have. I needed to get more use out of the scrubs and lab coat. When someone asked if I was a nurse I said, No I am a doctor! I had a fake needle. The children at the party borrowed it to give each other pretend shots. I still have the outfit. I never know when I may need to operate.

A while ago I found a children's costume accessories for a pirate - a hat, eye patch, hand hook. I used it one year just to throw something together. Pirates are always in style. Actually when I was little I wanted to be a pirate. It sounded like fun. I even sang pirate songs. That career choice didn't pan out, but I still enjoy a good pirate song.

Who hadn't cut holes in a sheet and thrown a sheet over your head. If you haven't you need to. I went trick or treating one year in this costume. By the end of the night I was wearing the sheet like a toga. It is a multi-functional costume.

I distinctly remember in 5th or 6th grade it was slim pickings making a costume at home. Too poor to buy a costume we searched our parent's closet for a costume. I used my mother's trench coat and covered my face. The teacher couldn't guess who I was because I looked like a boy. I thought I was a burglar. According to the search for this costume I was more of a secret agent.

Today I pulled the multiple containers out of the shed. I broke out the many skulls I have accumulated. I found new spots for my collections. The husband helped hang my lighted and moving spider web. We even put caution tape in the front yard. We still need to put the lighted hands and heads that we like to line the walkway with. I need more batteries for even more lighted skulls. I am thinking I should set the mad scientist lab up on the table on the front porch. I haven't put that out in a few years. I used to keep it on my kitchen island at the old house. I even have odd animal skulls, test tubes and beakers.

(I wish I had all this.)

(I got my mad scientist kit originally from Fright Catalog years ago. I added to it.)

I don't know if I will put up the Bates Motel bathroom. Psycho is such a classic film. If only I had an old lady skeleton that sat in a chair. We did put the dripping blood and hand prints on the fridge. It's made of some sticky gel stuff and looks so cool. I already put out my Ang puppet. It's a witch puppet that looks like my mother.

(from the website of the makers of the Ang puppet, I mean witch puppet)

I sent my mother this photo and she got a kick out of it. I think it looks just like her. It's just a shame I can't do a good impression and do an act with her.

Another thing I love are horror movies. I like the scary stuff. Some of my favorites...

Well, I better start thinking of how to put strange looking things into bottles for the mad scientist...

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