Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cool Site - Retronaut

I am known for wandering around the internet coming across places I am not sure how I got there. One site leads me to another, to another and hours later I am where I least expected. It is the online version of the wandering the husband and I do when driving around on the weekend.

Today while we were wandering I went online to check out what a book I found at a thrift store may be worth. I paid .57 with tax on a nice 1964 Betty Crocker hardcover book. When I typed in the title I was somehow brought to this site...

When I was back on the laptop (I am still mastering the android phone and also the screen does not do justice to the photos), I had to check out the site. It has some of the most impressive collections of photographs. Awesome architecture photos. Abandoned buildings. Old things. Some of my favorite things.

I even learned new things, such as the IKEA catalog is printed 3 times more than the Bible annually. There is something about that store. If one was closer I could attend the Church of IKEA weekly.

I was also grossed out by vintage recipes.

(Glace Fish Mold - there if fish in the gelatin fish)

I found lovely photos of celebrities and their vinyl records.

(Marilyn Monroe and her vinyl records)

I managed to spend hours exploring this site. I reckon I am a Retronaut.

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  1. Nice blog you have here, and nice find, too. I hadn't see retronaut before. Love the celebrities with their record players.