Sunday, October 30, 2011


A coworker told me about an annual event that wasn't far away. She said she has always wanted to go to the Bat Fest, but never makes it there. I looked it up online after work on Friday and there it was, the Lubee Conservatory 7th Annual Bat Fest.

Yes, they need to jazz up that logo. But the festival was cute and free.

<span class=Lubee Bat Conservancy - Saving Bats. Conserving Ecosystems">

Florida Bat Festival

It was mainly set up for kids, but I saw plenty of adults admiring the many varieties of bats. Some with wing spans up to 5-6 feet. Like the picture above those adorable creatures were eating if they were not just hanging there. They ate watermelon, pineapple, corn and bananas.

We wandered around, checked out the booths and got a kick out of the kids dressed as batman. The husband bought me a glow in the dark bat necklace. I am always a sucker for glow in the dark.

Of course after we wandered around bat fest I wanted to check out a couple thrift stores I haven't been to in Gainesville. I was in town for the fest, so of course we just had to.

(borrowed from yelp)

I checked my google maps list the closest stores. I checked out Outreach Thrift Store. It was a mid size store. They mainly had clothes. Tons of children's Halloween costumes. I found checkered material to get creative with.

Right next door to The Outreach was a Salvation Army thrift store that my google maps did not even list. Google navigate woman's voice, I am very hurt by this. The Salvation Army was a lot bigger. They had some interesting furniture. The husband found a record player and speakers for his mother to play the one record he gave her a while back. I found an interesting hook project picture that I will cover in another post.

The next spot was another store I had not been to, The Children's Home Society. This was a very cute store chocked full of all types of things. Really nice furniture. Lots of clothing. The husband found garage door rails for a low price. We don't have a garage, but he will find something to do with it. I found a slide holder box thingy.

Once I get some photo slides for my very cool school projector I can store them in the box.

Since I was close by I had to visit one of my favorite thrift stores. Haven Hospice Attic Resale Store is a fair size and has a diverse inventory. Plus I like the organization. The staff are always so nice. I found a golden yellow Deluxe Ice Crusher. I resisted the avacado green electric iron. Plus I have that problem with old electric devices. The husband shook his head when I showed him. I find it useful. We don't have an ice machine. Upon further research I found that it can be used to make snow cones. Combine that with the air popper and I can have a carnival.

The trip ended with lunch. I found these hot chicks in the bathroom.

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