Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cool Site - Listverse

On my regular travels on the internet super highway I come across lots of things that entertain and educate me. I love odd stuff. I love to learn strange things. I love to bring something to a conversation that brings it to a standstill.

A while back I stumbled upon Listverse. Do not ask how or when. But it is one of those sites that when I am wandering and run into a dead end I pull it up and I find things I never thought I needed to know. Like today... I learned more about Top 10 Famous People Who Never Existed. My fave was Betty Crocker. I still like her even though she is not real.

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I like nature too, so Top 10 Unusual Trees caught my attention.

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Socotra Dragon Tree

I think I need to keep the Top 10 Demons to Blame for Bad Behaviour to myself so I can use it later. My Favorite Ose is for Insanity.

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They have all types of categories: Religion, Art & Literature, Crime & Mystery, Food & Health, Miscellaneous, People & Politics, Entertainment, History, Movies, Bizarre, Fact & Fiction, Music, Leisure & Travel, Science & Nature, Popular, Controversial and Latest Lists.

I can spend hours wandering around this site. I love lists. I am also a sucker for useless information and killing time online. It is a disorder. Or maybe a future list. So check the site out and be your own judge.

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