Monday, November 24, 2014

Attainable Goals 2014 - Update

Let's see if any were attained...

 Go to a destination in Tennessee June

Go to a destination in Georgia June

Go to a state park  Ft Clinch, O'Leno, Devils Millhopper

Make 5 recipes from my overloaded Pinterist boards (accomplished a few)

Read 5 books (up to three)

Take a day without computer or phone

Go to one tourist destination in FL that I have never been to   Gatorland! 

Go to Silver Springs because the husband has never been (and it's free entramce)

Find a couch  Accomplished, a free one, then the puppies ate it

Paint at least one wall  painted the kitchen and the door on the second bedroom

Make my own laundry detergent  Done twice

Go camping for more than one night

Make a holiday tradition

Give away things at least 5 times (I would say 3 times with a box awaiting)

Ride my bike 5 times

Volunteer or give to an organization 3 times

Make a craft project

     Go on a girl's trip

     See a drag show


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