Friday, November 7, 2014

Indiana Vacation

The husband and I had planned on visiting a friend in Indiana for a while. We lucked out and went during the fall. Since we live in Florida it was a treat to see leaves of other colors and cool weather.

My friend took her picks and a few we wanted to see and made an iitinerary The husband is not one for having a plan. I usually like to have some idea of points of interest so not to have an blah day out. Or even worse, being in the middle of nowhere. Of course the plan changed when my friend couldn't get much time off.

The husband's top pick since we were in southern Indiana, about an hour away from Indianapolis, was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). We went there after being there a few days. We got there before they opened. The husband was like a kid in a candy store.

We lucked out when we got there. They had a bunch of FFA teens and they let us have the reduced FFA rate. We were the only two non-FFA people on the grounds tour bus. They take you around the track on a bus. It was at a much slower speed but incredably cool. The other tracks we have been to only let you walk around the track.

They took us to the infamous bricks. The husband jumped out of the bus and was the first to kiss them. Of course he had his picture taken and posted it to facebook within 5 minutes.

They also take you around the media center in the Pagoda. They let you take photos in the media room and at the winners circle.

After the ground tour we wandered around the Hall of Fame. We took a zillion pictures.

They even have two gift shops. The husband got a hat and tshirt. He bought his Dad a foam brick. I even got a magnet.

Our next stop that day was the Kokomo Automotive Museum in Kokomo, Indiana. It was aboyt an hour away from IMS. It was a nice museum with only a $5 cost. He took a picture of every car in the museum. I bought a magnet since it was so adoreable.

Kokomo Automotive Museum on Facebook

While we were driving we also stopped at 4 Harley-Davidson dealerships so the husband could pick up more poker chips. The husband loves telling people about his travels to get poker chips. He is even starting to trade chips with others.

We also stopped that day at Cycle Re-Cycle in Indianapolis. I found them online and knew they would have some parts for the trike project. We picked up a few things and talked to the guy with 30 years of experience.

I almost forgot to mention that day's lunch. We tasted a local establishment (multiple locations in Indiana). Grindstone Charlie's. We have noticed on vacation that we end up going where the elderly eat during the week. Hey, they know good food and low prices. This place was no exception. The lunch prices were great. They had a variety of options. It was a cold day so I enjoyed a grill cheese and some chili.

Grindstone Charlie's

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